Conditions of participation

GP JOULE competition – main prize is a one-day surf workshop with Leon Jamaer

1.    By participating in the competition, the participant accepts these conditions of participation. GP JOULE GmbH reserves the right to adapt these at any time throughout the duration of the competition.

2.    The organiser of the initiative is GP JOULE GmbH, Cecilienkoog 16, 25821 Reussenköge (‘GP JOULE’).

3.    Those eligible are residents, natural persons and persons of legal age in the European Union; employees of GP JOULE GmbH and others involved in the conception and implementation of this competition are excluded from participating.

4.    During the period from 16 March to 8 October 2017, those eligible to participate can participate by filling in the competition cards and submitting them to GP JOULE employees or by placing them in a box provided for the competition. The opportunity to participate expires on 8 October 2017 at 12 p.m. Subsequently, a winner will be chosen at random.

5.    The main prize is a one-day surf workshop with Leon Jamaer. The prize includes:

a.    Transport to and from the location of the workshop, which will be determined by mutual agreement between the winner, Leon Jamaer and GP JOULE.
b.    Food for the day from the start of the workshop until the end.
c.    The surfing equipment is provided. It can be a windsurfing workshop and/or an SUP workshop.

6.    The workshop is organised by GP JOULE GmbH or its vicarious agents. Any costs for individual arrival or journey home are not covered by the organiser, GP JOULE GmbH. The prize is categorically non-transferable. Exchanging the prize is not possible. The prize cannot be paid out in cash. If the winner is not able to participate in the workshop designated above for whatever reason, the prize is forfeited. The organiser, GP JOULE GmbH, is entitled to make amendments to the prize – in particular, to make changes to the location and content. This applies in particular if proper implementation cannot be guaranteed due to technical, weather-related or legal reasons. In such a case, the participant is not entitled to make any claims against GP JOULE.

7.    GP JOULE reserves the right to change the conditions of participation or to extend or shorten the time limits. GP JOULE commits to announcing possible new conditions on its home page:

8.    By participating in the competition, the participant ensures the correctness of the data provided and that the names given by the participant are the actual civil first and last name.
GP JOULE reserves the right to exclude participants if they violate the conditions of participation or if there is a suspicion that they are making use of illegitimate means or try in other ways to gain advantages for themselves or third parties through manipulation. In such cases, the refusal of a prize also comes into question.

9.    The organiser, GP JOULE GmbH, may publish the name of the winner in connection with the competition and name the winner in communications within the framework of the competition; it is, however, under no obligation to do so.

10.    The winner will be informed in writing by email. The participant is responsible for providing the correct email address. Within 14 days of notification of the prize, acceptance of the prize must be declared by the winner, otherwise the prize is forfeited.

11.    If the prize is accepted, then a date for the workshop is discussed and agreed between the winner and GP JOULE GmbH or a vicarious agent of GP JOULE GmbH. The workshop must take place within 12 months. Between the mutually agreed date and the implementation of the workshop, there must be a time period of at least four weeks to allow for planning. The winner must take into account that there may be postponements due to weather conditions.

12.    Inappropriate behaviour during the workshop may lead to the discontinuation of the workshop. The organiser, their representatives, vicarious agents or agents decide at their own discretion whether this misconduct shall lead to the termination of the workshop. The resulting costs must be covered by the winner.

13.    If the corresponding box was marked on the participation form, the participant agrees to the further use of personal data for advertising purposes. The data is used exclusively to inform the participant by email of products in the energy and mobility sector of the GP JOULE Group. There is no obligation to accept.

14.    The participant consents that the workshop and the current items on the agenda in connection with the prize can be recorded by cameras (photos and moving images), but do not have to be.

a.    The participant agrees irrevocably that the resulting pictures can be used without restriction for television, in print and online. Therefore the participant freely and unrestrictedly transfers all rights of use, ancillary copyright and other rights in connection with those arising during the stay and/or arising from copyright to the television, film, image and sound recordings created by the participant, to the organiser, GP JOULE GmbH, whereby GP JOULE GmbH may without restriction in terms of time, content or location publish, use and utilise such recordings as well as mention the name of the participant in conjunction with these recordings. The organiser GP JOULE GmbH is entitled to use the relevant rights without restriction.

15.    The participant shall bear liability for damage caused intentionally or negligently by the participant during the workshop and current items on the agenda in connection with the prize.

a.    Liability of GP JOULE GmbH and the vicarious agents engaged by them, irrespective of their legal grounds, for material and financial damage of any kind and their consequences incurred by the participant during or in connection with participation in the workshop and current items on the agenda in connection with the prize due to the conduct of GP JOULE GmbH, their representatives, vicarious agents or agents, is in the case of the breach of obligations, which are not contractual obligations and/or primary obligations, limited to damage caused intentionally or with gross negligence. In the case of a breach to primary and/or contractual obligations, the liability of GP JOULE GmbH and its vicarious agents in cases of ordinary negligence is limited to foreseeable losses that typically occur. Insofar as the liability for damage of GP JOULE GmbH and its vicarious agents is excluded or limited, the participant relieves from personal damage liability the staff members (workers and employees), representatives, vicarious agents and all other persons who have been awarded a contract in connection with the implementation of the event.

16.    If individual provisions of these conditions of participation are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

17.    German law shall apply. The organiser’s decision is final.