The power gap filler

The power gap filler.

Biogas meets electrolysis.

The greatest challenge we face on the road to 100% renewable energy supply is the simple fact that electricity cannot be generated from the wind or the sun 24/7. The solution behind matching supply and demand is smart storage systems, such as the Power Gap Fillers (electrolysers) developed by GP JOULE.

These are decentralized combined power plants most traditionally biogas facilities connected to an electrolysing system. Those infrastructure use electrolysis to transform untapped electricity from nearby solar and wind farms into hydrogen with an average efficiency rate of 75%. The hydrogen can then be stored in tanks for use at a later time. The remaining 25% ‘waste’ is reintroduced as a heating fuel for the biogas plant itself.

During peak energy demand, the hydrogen provides a huge benefit that it can be used as additional fuel in block-type thermal power stations. This saves biomass, improves fuel efficiency and, above all, increases the ability to respond with the necessary flexibility to fluctuations in demand. In such a setup, the biogas plant ends up acting as a decentralized back-up power plant.  

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