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August 31st, 2022, Alternative Resource Energy Authority joined forces with GP JOULE North America EPC Division to announce that they have broken…

CALGARY, Alberta October 24, 2022 - GP JOULE, announces the start of construction of the Joffre solar plant with the ground-breaking ceremony in…

Effective September 9th, 2022, the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group and the GP JOULE Group announce that GOLDBECK SOLAR has acquired the North American PV-EPC…

Canadian EPC leader integrates racking to deliver high reliability, low cost of energy in province's windiest region.

Alberta's experience shows how old-energy skills can drive new-energy success. Featured in North American Clean Energy magazine

Even the most traditional energy economies can make the transition to renewables -- and community solar can lead the way.

EPC Leader Partners with Developer Elemental Energy and Local Community to Deliver On-Time, On-Budget Solar Farm in Innisfail

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