PHLEGON® Fixed-Tilt Racking Solutions

Ultimate time-saver built to endure

By integrating our proprietary racking systems with customized EPC services, GP JOULE ensures the lowest cost per kWh, a better warranty, and high returns on investment.

Our line of fixed racking solutions can help clients install up to 30% fewer foundations, minimize by over 50% field labor, reduce the number of potential check failures and checkpoints with pre-assembled components, and optimize costs.


  • Mechanical layout DC-optimized
  • Foundation and racking design
  • Manufacturing and delivery of foundation and racking
  • Mechanical installation up to modules with QA/QC
  • Maintenance training and manuals
  • 30-year product design warranty
  • 10-year manufacturing quality warranty
  • 2-year workmanship warranty

Our clients can always consult with our EPCM specialists for additional permitting, civil, electrical, and commissioning support to meet their business objectives.

Rugged to meet cost and schedule goals, our fixed racks are engineered for arduous terrains and tough climate conditions with high corrosion resistance coatings. With up to 12% slope tolerance in the east-west direction and a 200 km/h wind resistance level, PHLEGON® Fixed demands less grading or earthwork and is perfect for northern climates.

Uniquely Adaptable Foundations

PHLEGON’s innovative design and industrial-grade materials offer unique advantages. Unmatched in the industry, our diverse foundation options bring cost-effective, reliable tracking solar to landfills, rocky terrains, or soils with freeze/thaw conditions.


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