At a glance... What GP JOULE stands for.

The GP JOULE corporate philosophy and the company mind-set, based on the core values and guiding principles, become immediately noticeable, when working with the company. GP JOULE’s personal touch and individual character is reflected in the way the company presents itself to the world. This is exemplified in the company’s corporate identity, especially through its unique crafted logo and tag line.

The handwritten logo includes at its centre what we call the ‘supersign’: the circle symbolizes life cycle, holistic philosophy; it also conveys a sense of continuous renewal. The underscore represents the horizon, the vision, our down-to-earth attitude and connection to the land. 
The GP JOULE  tag line is also conveying a strong message of reinforcement:


TRUST YOUR ENERGY stands for a reliable and future-oriented energy supply that protects our planet and preserves its natural resources, while securing a liveable future for generations to come. At the same time, TRUST YOUR ENERGY backs customers and partners in their decision of choosing to develop energy solutions with GP JOULE, a partner they can trust.

Trust is an important value for GP JOULE, and the company’s most important basis for action. Trust in renewable energy, partners and its own know-how and expertise. You as well should have trust in yourself, your own energy and intuition.

Trust the energy revolution with GP JOULE.

Trust is the most important principle of acting of GP JOULE.

Trust is the most important principle of acting of GP JOULE.