Brand Ambassador

Robby Naish and GP JOULE.

On the same wavelength.

Brand ambassadors must completely embody the core values of a company and its brand. Of course they must also be fully supportive of the products and developments of the company, use them themselves and identify themselves as an integral part of the whole enterprise. This is all about authenticity.

Get to know Robby Naish, a perfect fit with GP JOULE:

Robby Naish knows how to harness the powers of nature, like no one else in the sports modern era. This capacity combined with a never ending positive energy, is what makes the 24-time windsurfing world champion a perfect brand ambassador for GP JOULE. This smart professional athlete not only stands for a care-free life-style, but he also perfectly represents how to responsibly interact with and use natural resources. As a business man, he has always followed the wind. He is now the owner of three of the most successful companies in the industry, designing and manufacturing kites, windsurf boards and surfing gears. Robby Naish knows what it means to combine harmoniously his passion for water sports and nature with economic benefits.
His role as family man helps him to stay grounded every day – if you can make such claims about someone who practices water sports daily and strives at jumping several meters up in the air with whatever he could glide on!
Similar to founders Ove Petersen and Heiner Gärtner, Robby Naish has always felt a sense of responsibility towards his home and family. He and GP JOULE will install in 2015 a 30 kW PV ground mount tracking system on his Hawaiian estate on the island of Maui , thus converting the property to become almost 100% fed by renewable energy. This installation will make one of Robby Naish’s dreams come true: being able to supply his family and employees with a clean and renewable fuel to meet their everyday needs, by harvesting solar energy right on his property.  Robby Naish decided to collaborate with and represent GP JOULE, because of his complete and faithful trust in the company and its corporate identity.

As part of the collaboration with Robby Naish, GP JOULE will also continue to be committed to lifestyle and water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. There is a clear connection between generating renewable energy and powering your board with wind and waves: clean, and unlimited source of energy.

Robby Naish still surfs whenever he can, preferably at his homespot "Jaws" on Maui.
Left: Robby Naish with a miniJOULE island solar panel
Right: Robby Naish and GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen during a site visit at Robbys property on Maui.