Wasteland today, full of energy tomorrow


EPC & Plant Engineering

Turn a vacant site into a profitable green energy project? A case for GP JOULE EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). The specialists for individual plant planning and construction as well as sector coupling provide you with the necessary security for your renewable energy project every step of the way - be it in the growing markets of photovoltaics (PV), wind or biomass.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for realising your renewable energy projects
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) - providing all the know-how from technical plant design and yield analysis to component procurement, plant construction and project sign-off. GP JOULE has been a successful project planner, operator and service partner for 15 years. This represents an enormous plus in know-how for constructing and operating planned plants efficiently.

EPC - target-oriented and cost-transparent

With so much experience, purchasing the optimal main components at good conditions is guaranteed. The construction of the planned plants is coordinated with subcontractors who have been accompanying us for many years with great reliability. Cost efficiency and transparency are just as important as keeping to delivery dates and ensuring cooperation based on partnership between all parties involved.

Our EPC full-package service package

Installation layout - We make sure that the site is optimally exploited during the site planning and technical development phase.
Component selection - GP JOULE EPC determines and procures manufacturer-independent high-performance system components tailored to the project requirements.
Plant construction - GP JOULE EPC is responsible for construction management, project control, planning of the grid connection, cable routes and access routes, including all formalities - from the building permit procedure to the feed-in tariff.
Commissioning - The bottleneck between the construction phase and ongoing operation is naturally part of our service.
Service - GP JOULE SERVICE ensures optimal technical and commercial management for the project.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of:

  • Free-standing PV systems and PV roof systems in Europe and North America
  • Onshore wind farms in Europe
  • District heating and electricity infrastructure in Germany
  • Charging systems in Europe