The possibilities for green hydrogen 

The smallest molecule in the universe has the potential to solve big problems. Hydrogen makes it possible for volatile renewable energies to be stored in large volumes and utilised in various ways. 
In many of its applications green hydrogen contributes to the long-term decarbonisation of our society, as it can replace fossil fuels in a range of areas.
With our years of well-established experience, we can already offer you innovative and profitable green hydrogen concepts today.
100% implemented 

On-site hydrogen project development for positive climate impact 

One example that demonstrates the energy transition already holistically in action: our eFarm project is the largest sustainable hydrogen mobility project in Germany, producing green hydrogen exclusively via regenerative methods.

Implementing the energy transition

In North Frisia, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the joint eFarm project initiated by GP JOULE is an active implementation of the energy transition. To date, eFarm is the largest green hydrogen mobility project in Germany to produce hydrogen using exclusively regenerative methods from renewable energy. 

eFarm operates as a closed value-creation chain which brings together all GP JOULE Group services and solutions: 

  • generation of renewable energies in our solar and wind energy plants; 
  • integrated energy management, which uses generated electricity to produce green hydrogen and feeds the waste heat into local heating networks;
  • and finally, sale of the hydrogen to two filling stations in Husum and Niebüll, as well as other mobility services. 

With this system we are providing an important real-world example of how the energy transition can be successfully implemented. 

  • 2 filling stations
  • 4 production plants
  • 2 fuel cell buses
  • 30 fuel cell cars

Our hydrogen services

From green hydrogen sources and the construction of local filling stations to individual mobility solutions: we can reliably accompany you throughout your journey to emissions-free hydrogen mobility.

Your Hydrogen
Your Hydrogen

We can help you generate green hydrogen using the electricity from your photovoltaic or wind power plant

Your filling station
Your filling station

Power your region with green hydrogen: we can develop and operate hydrogen filling stations in your district, your business park or on your site.

Your transport kilometre
Your transport kilometre

We can procure the right fuel cell vehicles to suit your business and your transportation requirements, and will supply the hydrogen required for your filling stations.