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Project Planning Renewable Energy

For GP JOULE, trust is all about being a reliable and experienced partner that makes good on promises and implements projects as agreed. GP JOULE’s mission is to work with you to develop customised future solutions for your photovoltaic or wind projects. In project planning for your renewable energy generation plant, we rely on our high level of expertise and solid work: based on thorough analyses and detailed planning, we lay the foundation for the success of your project. We all profit from your success – after all, this is a crucial piece of the mosaic in making the energy turnaround a success.

Our renewable energy project planning experts support the entire process: from the tendering of subcontractor services for construction through to an overall business concept for the use of your finished plant. We take your requirements into account as well as the specific conditions of the site in question. In addition, we advise you on all financing issues relating to your PV system or wind farm and support you in submitting applications for approvals and subsidies.

Individual project planning for your success

In order to be able to project power generation capacities, we need access to suitable sites. As energy professionals with a wealth of agricultural expertise and a regional network, we’re better in tune with the concerns of land owners – generally farmers – and so we’re able to provide the best possible support when it comes to land acquisition. This is because we know what needs to be done to ensure a profitable return from your solar or wind farm.

Project Planning Renewable Energy – from the first analysis to the last signature

  • Site analyses and white area mapping
  • Acquisition of leased land and legal project security
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Legal planning, planning relating to specific energy types and approvals
  • Participation in tenders issued by the Federal Network Agency
  • Contract management
  • Project management during construction
  • Energy profiles

We also provide detailed documentation on the project process – including precise service specifications and always keeping legal issues in mind.

One for all: Project Planning Renewable Energy with GP JOULE

Energy supply based solely on renewable energy is possible now. We work at three locations to achieve this goal: our activities in northern Germany and parts of our foreign business are managed from the company’s headquarters in Reußenköge and from a branch office in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein. In Buttenwiesen, Bavaria, we plan and realise projects for the southern German region. As a fair and reliable partner, GP JOULE works primarily for landowners, local authorities, regional energy suppliers (municipal utilities), businesses with a high level of internal power consumption and also investors; one of our particular strengths is customised project consulting and development.

We evaluate the energy potential of possible sites for photovoltaic systems and wind farms.

The planning of your plant includes construction planning, all grid connections and the exact plant configuration.

Based on our financial strength and a solid database, we develop suitable financing concepts – also taking into account state subsidies.

We get your plant ready for ongoing operation: from installation to line planning and grid connection.

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