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Positive energy from nature for everyone

Operational Management Renewable Energy

As inexhaustible sources of energy, the sun and the wind open up new paths to a green future for all of us.  We believe it is already possible to convert our power supply to 100 per cent renewable energy. Two things are needed to achieve this goal: renewable energy plants have to function properly and be profitable in the long term. Only in this way can the energy turnaround be successfully tackled by society as a whole. Our GP JOULE experts ensure that the reliable operation of your solar and wind systems is guaranteed – on a round-the-clock basis, in all weathers, both from behind a desk and at high altitudes. In this way, we join forces to create a profitable combination of environmental awareness and economic efficiency that satisfies all parties involved – and benefits future generations, too.
We make it as easy as possible for you to get started so you can join us on our mission: once your plant has been connected to the grid, we take over the entire plant operation management as a fair and reliable partner and put together a service package for you that is individually tailored to your requirements.

Certified service for stable revenues and a sense of positive achievement

You entrust your plant – and we get the best out of it: for you as the operator, for your customers and for society as a whole – because our mission is to preserve mankind’s natural living resources. This is what we focus on every day, applying the very highest quality standards to our own work as well as that of our suppliers and partners. And you can rely on this: GP JOULE SERVICE uses a certified process and quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.  
In addition to our basic package for the operational management of your renewable energy plant, you only use the services you require from us. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials and enjoy the positive achievement of advancing the energy turnaround.

Technical Management Renewable Energy: forward-looking and transparent

  • Continuous monitoring of your plant with live data on performance, yield and overall status for active fault management
  • Evaluations of plant availability and performance as well as regular reporting
  • Coordination and implementation of maintenance, monitoring of deadlines and requirements, etc.

In addition to this basic package, we offer you all the other services that ensure smooth operation. These are add-ons which you can select as you please: they include coordination of site maintenance and winter services, support for feed-in management, damage management and even attendance at stakeholder meetings.

Commercial Management Renewable Energy: our look at your figures

  • Commercial management of your renewable energy plant includes the following additional services:
  • Accounting and controlling
  • Contract management and interface coordination with external service providers
  • Monitoring and handling of feed-in management
  • Regular update of liquidity planning, business management reporting
  • Negotiation support or full representation

We also offer additional modules for the commercial management of renewable energy which you can make use of as you please. These include administration of the relevant limited partner data, support in the implementation of shareholders’ meetings and mailings, and presentation of the commercial report at shareholders’ and advisory board meetings.

Control and dialogue for your success

GP JOULE works uses modern control rooms that are staffed on a round-the-clock basis. Plant performance data is evaluated in real time. This enables us to detect technical anomalies at an early stage and prevent damage to your plant (predictive maintenance). Web-based access to online monitoring gives you transparent insights into our work at all times and allows you to access your plant data in real time.
Fair collaboration is one of GP JOULE’s key principles: this is why we proactively engage in dialogue with your stakeholders. We present your project and its results – after all, transparency creates acceptance. Our longstanding experience in the industry and close contact with various players work to your benefit when it comes to putting our customers’ interests into practice – based on fair play towards all parties involved.

Our service agreements are geared towards long-term cooperation. We engage in reliable collaboration with our external partners for mutual benefit.

Always up to date: details of our work, plant status and yield are available to you at all times.

You entrust us with your plant – and we provide you with the full range of technical and economic information on a regular basis, thereby creating trust through regular communication with your stakeholders.

Our practical know-how works to your benefit: GP JOULE SERVICE currently operates under some 150 existing contracts and is responsible for managing 115 power generation parks.