A burning passion for a green future

Realising heating networks with GP JOULE THINK

GP JOULE is your partner at the supply level for electric power, heat and hydrogen. We bring green heat generation and local consumers together to implement future-oriented solutions using district heating or local heating. One of our special areas of expertise is local heating networks. Together with local authorities – mostly with between 500 and 10,000 residents – we set up so-called Renergiewerke: these are an innovative form of municipal utility company that provide key economic stimuli through novel regional value chains. We also focus on the smart use of waste heat, such as that generated by industrial processes.

Our expertise for your local heating solution

After all, the economic and ecological development of rural regions is just as important to us as preserving the fundamental natural living resources for future generations.
We are happy to support any project you might be undertaking that contributes to this great task, e.g. by means of:   

  • energy profiles and feasibility studies for heating networks
  • commercial and technical planning of needs-based energy solutions
  • project coordination and implementation
  • operation and implementation of local heating networks in partnership with municipalities (municipal utilities)

Felix Schwahn
Head of Heat Unit
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Email: f.schwahn(at)gp-joule.de

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