Our core values

The GP JOULE philosophy

Agriculture has left its mark on GP JOULE: As agricultural engineers who grew up with farming, origin means for the company founders that they take responsibility which goes far beyond their own families. By using resources carefully in the sense of a circular economy, the aim is to give future generations a sustainable perspective and children a future worth living.

GP JOULE is a team and promotes diversity at all levels: We are sure that we are better together as a diverse team and want to develop, strengthen and use the strengths of all employees. Our diversity also benefits our customers: We have all groups in mind when we develop our products and services.

At GP JOULE, safety plays an essential role in various ways. All our products and services are aimed at safety of supply with renewable energies. And: Every day we work with the aim of ensuring the long-term existence of GP JOULE so that we remain a reliable, safe employer and stakeholder.

At GP JOULE we develop innovative ideas and are often on the cutting edge of developments. We think and work as pioneers of the energy transition.  We continue to promote this pioneering spirit as part of our DNA. Thinking ahead also means being reliable - because we can only exist in the long term and achieve our vision only by coming up with new ideas and living a spirit of inventiveness.

Sustainability has been close to the heart of GP JOULE across generations: We want to preserve an intact planet for the next generations to come. We want to work and live in a CO2-neutral and sustainable way and protect the resources of our planet. We have learned this from the world of agriculture, which has been thinking and acting in terms of the circular economy for generations.

GP JOULE stands for fairness towards its business partners, employees, users and future generations. Fair collaboration is one of the key principles of GP JOULE: This also applies to all those who are involved in or affected by the business process or who are in contact with us.

Our guiding principles

Based on its core values, GP JOULE has established 12 guiding principles that are pursued and observed in the company's day-to-day working environment and interactions. Customers, partners and service providers can rely on GP JOULE's adherence to these principles as well as the quality of the work it performs.


Trust is the basis for all our actions.


Our actions are sustainable and serve to preserve our livelihood.


We produce and supply renewable energy for all on fair terms.


Our daily activities ensure the long-term existence of GP JOULE.


We value our suppliers, partners and customers.


We make decisions responsibly, with vision and on a carefully developed basis.


We promote our strengths and accept weaknesses that do not get in the way of strengths.


We share and communicate information and experiences.


We regularly question our work in order to become even better.


We live and promote a culture of error tolerance so we can grow together.


We are an attractive, proud, regionally anchored company for dedicated employees.


We work as a team and empower diversity.