Our core values

The GP JOULE philosophy

Origins, authenticity, trust, vitality, fair play, quality, success and innovation: these are the core values that GP JOULE has embodied from the very beginning: they have shaped the company's development ever since.

Effective, practical business administration is also firmly established as part of GP JOULE’s approach. GP JOULE is committed to the continuous development and expansion of its unique expertise, and this is applied in every area of the company. This extensive in-house expertise ensures powerful flexibility and innovation.

GP JOULE demonstrates its expert knowledge in projects that achieve long-term success, thereby establishing a sound basis of trust among customers, partners and employees. These high internal standards result in an equally high and consistent level of quality throughout the company’s entire service portfolio.

Our guiding principles

Based on its core values, GP JOULE has established 12 guiding principles that are pursued and observed in the company's day-to-day working environment and interactions. Customers, partners and service providers can rely on GP JOULE's adherence to these principles as well as the quality of the work it performs.


Trust is the foundation of our activities.


The motivation for what we do is the desire to preserve the basis of existence for future generations.


We seek to produce and supply renewable energies sustainably and as cost-effectively as possible.


Through our daily actions we aim to secure the long-term existence of our company.


We seek to maintain constructive, long-term, trusting and respectful relationships with our customers, suppliers and other partners in a way that ensures mutual benefit.


We only make decisions we are able to answer for and where we are fully aware of the impact.


Every decision requires a carefully prepared foundation.


We focus on tapping into our strengths and building on them. Weaknesses are only reduced to the extent that they stand in the way of using our strengths.


As far as we are concerned, the capacity to admit to weaknesses is in itself a strength.


It is important to us to be an attractive company to good employees. 


All the results of our work are subject to constant critical questioning.


We share and communicate information and experience.