From its core values, GP JOULE has developed 12 principles upon which all the company’s activities are based upon. They are taken into account within the day-to-day working environment and the interaction with one another.  Customers, partners and suppliers can rely on our commitment to these principles while relying on GP JOULE’s work.

  1. Trust is the foundation for all of our activities.
  2. Our activities are intended to conserve natural resources for future generations.
  3. We intend to generate and supply renewable energy sustainably and as economically as possible.
  4. Our daily activities are intended to secure the long-term health of our company.
  5. We want to maintain constructive, long-term, trustful and respectful relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners and create mutual benefits for all. 
  6. We do not make decisions until we understand their consequences.
  7. We carefully examine the basis for every decision.
  8. We want to concentrate on using and developing our strengths. We will address the weaknesses that prevent us from using those strengths.
  9. One of our strengths lies in recognizing our weaknesses.
  10. It is important for us to be an attractive place for exceptional employees to work at.
  11. We continually assess and analyze the results of our activities.
  12. We share and communicate information and experience.