100 % renewable energy

The GP JOULE vision

As a result of our unique history, we have developed a deeply rooted attitude to the environment that is based on a great sense of respect and responsibility. This provides the foundation for what we do, motivating us to draw on the connection between man and nature in a way that is beneficial to both.

In us you will find a long-term partner acting with foresight and vision. It is our declared goal to produce 100 % of the world's energy consumption from renewable sources in the future. This is why we make renewable energies accessible and economically attractive – to you and to everyone.

From vision to reality

We’re well are that a good idea on its own is not enough – it has to be practically feasible as well. This is why we’re not only involved in generating renewable energy: we want to extend the value chain to ensure its sustainable supply and use, too.

A 100 % sustainable result – that's what we aspire to!