Our founders, Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner, once tinkered with a business idea over a bratwurst at the Augsburg railway station, which soon led to the founding of GP JOULE in 2009. The key figures were noted down on a paper plate at the time. And they worked! Since then, Sausage Paper Plate Day has been celebrated once a year at GP JOULE.

There are two founding locations, Reußenköge and Buttenwiesen. In addition, we are active throughout Germany, so you are sure to find us near where you live.


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Under the menu item Working at GP JOULE you will find an interactive map where you can see all our locations and click on them to find out more. You can even visit our offices in Reußenköge and Buttenwiesen virtually.

GP JOULE stands for 100% trust, 100% future, 100% teamwork. Our guiding principles, according to which we act, are based on these core values. These values aren’t just principles on paper, but they determine how we work and treat each other every day.


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On the one hand, what motivates us in our daily work is to preserve the basis of life for future generations. We want to ensure a supply of energy which is 100% renewable and which is generated sustainably and cost-effectively. That’s what we consider to be hands-on environmental and climate protection.


On the other hand, each individual employee with his or her own personal future has a high degree of importance for us. We do a great deal to help you develop as an employee in the long term, so that you can contribute to the big social endeavour that we have all committed ourselves to.


In a nutshell: Working at GP JOULE is simply the right thing to do!