Daniel Günther visits GP JOULE: CEO Ove Petersen presents the renewable energy company to the Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein

Daniel Günther visits GP JOULE: CEO Ove Petersen presents the renewable energy company to the Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein

Reußenköge, 02 December 2022

Accelerate the expansion of renewables, meet climate targets, ramp up the hydrogen economy, increase the attractiveness of Schleswig-Holstein as a business location: Minister President Daniel Günther and Ove Petersen, CEO and co-founder of GP JOULE, had much to discuss at their meeting on 1 December in Reußenköge, North Frisia.

"A key factor in Schleswig-Holstein being successful as an energy-producing state is the know-how and innovative strength of leading companies in our state - GP JOULE plays a very central role here. My visit today confirmed this once again," said Minister President Günther after the meeting.

Earlier, GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen had presented the company to the Minister President: GP JOULE is active in all areas of the energy value chain - from generating electricity, hydrogen and heat to utilising energy in industry, households and mobility. Petersen showed how low-priced energy can be when it is produced locally and consumed locally: "Especially here in Schleswig-Holstein, we can demonstrate how we can supply households and businesses with electricity, heat and hydrogen from renewable energies in a secure and price-stable way through intelligent networking."

Petersen also pointed out how important the attractiveness of the state of Schleswig-Holstein is for attracting employees. Around 250 of GP JOULE's more than 550 employees work at the headquarters in Reußenköge. The expansion of local public transport plays a decisive role here. One topic was also that the legally enshrined outstanding importance of renewable energies for the public interest must be reflected in approval procedures for renewable energy plants, said Petersen.

Daniel Günther praised Petersen and GP JOULE: "All the work on wind power, solar and biomass plants, the engagement in hydrogen infrastructure and energy concepts for municipalities as well as developing storage technologies mean a benefit for our society, create value for the region and are key to the company's successful history."

Günther was able to see what local, sustainable value creation already looks like in practice during his visit on site: Green hydrogen is produced from wind power on the company premises. The facility is part of the eFarm project initiated by GP JOULE, which recently won the German Mobility Award. As part of the eFarm project, hydrogen will soon be produced at three locations in North Frisia.


From renewable energies, delivered to two filling stations and used in regular local transport in two hydrogen buses.

"Our state government is doing everything it can to improve the framework conditions for this work even further," Günther said, "be it by advocating to reform grid fees as well as the economic use of cut-off power, through the cross-state initiative for planning accelerations and by continuing our hydrogen strategy."

"Daniel Günther and the state government in Schleswig-Holstein are important and reliable partners in our commitment to the energy transition," said Ove Petersen: "But all of us must not let up. We have not yet reached our goal: 100% renewables for all.“




Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electric mobility. GP JOULE is thus a pioneering company in sector cross-linkage. Around 400 people work for the medium-sized group of companies in Germany, Europe and North America. GP JOULE is the winner of the Schleswig-Holstein Business Environment Award 2019 and the German Renewables Award 2020.


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