Boitzenburger Land solar park ceremonialy commissioned: One of Germany's largest EPC projects completed

GP JOULE builds 180-megawatt solar park in just eleven months

Boitzenburger Land solar park ceremonialy commissioned: One of Germany's largest EPC projects completed

Boitzenburg/ Reußenköge, 20. September 2023

Showcase project in Brandenburg officially commissioned: The Boitzenburger Land solar park was ceremoniously completed on 19 September. District Administrator Karina Dörk and Mayor Frank Zimmermann also attended the inauguration. The park, with a capacity of 180.3 megawatts, generates 200 gigawatt hours of CO2-free electricity per year on an area of around 170 hectares. An order of magnitude that is unparalleled. On behalf of SEBG Energiepark GmbH, GP JOULE was responsible as general contractor for the complete implementation of the construction project, which was special in terms of size and demand - including plant design, component procurement, construction management, route construction, transformer station, coordination of the trades and grid connection.


The park has been feeding in power since 19 July; the construction phase lasted only eleven months. Thanks to having planned the project and its execution at an early stage, plant constructor GP JOULE EPC was able to start civil engineering work immediately after receiving the preliminary building permit in June 2022. The necessary preparations had included, among other things, the entire planning for the plant design and the construction of the route, as well as soil expertises, statics expertises and the fire protection concept. GP JOULE EPC was able to prevent any delays due to long delivery times with the help of a stable manufacturer network.


Ove Petersen, co-founder and CEO of the GP JOULE Group, emphasised the symbolic power of the solar park. "The project shows what is possible when all project participants pull together and work in partnership. Of course, a park of this size offers enormous challenges, but our EPC team was able to solve them in a targeted manner together with the client, the authorities, our subcontractors and our suppliers. This consistent partnership approach sets us and our best projects apart."


Nature and climate benefit

The plants in the districts of Kuhz and Wichmannsdorf are located on former arable land, which was suitable for alternative use due to its low soil quality. Dietrich Twietmeyer, landowner, initiator and managing director of SEBG: "With the support of the municipality of Boitzenburger Land and the authorities, we have realised an important project for the economic area in a short time and at the same time made a significant contribution to converting to renewable energies in Germany." The project includes numerous measures for conserving nature and protecting species. This allows the entire areas to develop into lively and species-rich habitats. A great win for biodiversity.


The owner and operator of the plant is SEBG Energiepark GmbH, whose shareholders are Solarenergie Boitzenburger Land GmbH, owned by the local farmer Dietrich Twietmeyer (project developer), the energy supplier Mainova and, as a technical minority partner, Solarparc GmbH. Mainova AG markets the electricity under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Mainova CEO Dr Constantin H. Alsheimer points out: "Thanks to the powerful cooperation of all those involved, a flagship project for climate protection has been created at an impressive speed. And no subsidies were involved. With its 321,000 modules, the solar park will provide a clean and secure energy supply in the future. In arithmetical terms, this corresponds to the annual consumption of around 65,000 households. The CO2 savings alone amount to 90,000 tonnes per year. The plant thus contributes greatly to decarbonising our power supply."


Added value for municipality and district

The project partners unanimously emphasised the highly professional cooperation with the responsible offices and authorities involved during the entire approval process. Among other things, this made it possible to move from the decision to prepare the site and the building permit in only 21 months. The structurally weak region also benefits from business tax revenues, for example. This also applies thanks to promised direct grants for charitable tasks through a voluntary commitment by the plant owner.


Frank Zimmermann, mayor of the municipality of Boitzenburger Land, emphasised: "It was only possible to implement this project so successfully because the participants met as equals from the very beginning. The municipal council, municipal administration and investor agreed that the municipality of Boitzenburger Land and its inhabitants were not only to experience the short end of the energy turnaround. With the expansion of the fire brigade infrastructure, the public welfare-oriented external area levy and future business tax revenues, things are also moving forward economically for our municipality. For me, the success of this project is impressive proof that the energy turnaround can only succeed if the local people are also involved. I continue to look forward to a good working relationship as we plan to build the local heat networks in parts of our community."

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