GP JOULE invests in Flensburg-based digital agencies CODIN IT and Epic AI

The integrated energy supplier is thus securing the skills it needs for innovative, smart and future-proof energy solutions

GP JOULE invests in Flensburg-based digital agencies CODIN IT and Epic AI

Reußenköge, 26. Oktober 2023

The future of energy supply is 100% renewable, something that GP JOULE is already working to achieve in many areas. The company has now secured two new partners that are experts in digitalisation and AI, taking stakes in the digital agency CODIN IT and Epic AI, a start-up for AI solutions. Following the launch earlier in the year of YOULE, an app for smart electricity use that the partners developed together, they are now already working on more smart solutions for the energy transition.


“We need some new and nifty tools for an energy system that’s organised at a more local level and powered solely by renewables,” says Ove Petersen, CEO and Co-Founder of GP JOULE. “That’s something you see even in the little things, such as when you want to charge your electric car when a lot of green electricity happens to be being produced. At that point, we’re reliant on information that brings the generation and consumption of renewable energy together in an intelligent way.”


There are many potential uses for digital smart solutions at every stage of the energy value chain, and GP JOULE is already deploying them for various ends. These include its AI-based predictive monitoring of wind turbines as well as a battery-powered charging system for electric cars complete with dynamic pricing and app-based customer communication.


As a company that is helping to drive the energy transition, GP JOULE firmly believes that the challenges and opportunities presented by the new energy market must be met with intelligence and flexibility, and CODIN IT and Epic AI – both fledgling companies from Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein – bring the necessary expertise to the table. “Offering added value for society in the form of digital solutions is something that drives us too,” agrees Torben Jessen, CEO of CODIN IT and Co-Founder of Epic AI. “I’m looking forward to working even more closely together with GP JOULE and playing an even more important role in the energy transition through sustainable digitalisation.”

The YOULE app for efficient electricity use

GP JOULE released its YOULE app at the start of the year. It shows how much green electricity is available on the grid right now and in the next 24 hours and helps people to tailor their energy use to the supply of this eco-friendly electricity.


The YOULE app recently scooped the “Best of Digitales.SH” digitalisation award. Dirk Schrödter, Minister for Digitalisation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, presented GP JOULE and CODIN IT with third prize for exceptional digitalisation initiatives in late September.


CODIN IT was tasked with developing the app and is continuing to provide valuable support with the concept, UI/UX design and front- and back-end development as well as integrating several interfaces of German and European grid operators to ensure that data is supplied on an ongoing basis. In its latest version, the app also now provides information on the current electricity price on the EPEX SPOT exchange and details of the electricity mix. Further expansion stages are already in the pipeline and undergoing continuous development.


“The YOULE app is a good example of how digital solutions can help us achieve the transformation to 100% renewable energy,” Ove Petersen explains. “Everyone can do their bit. If we all pull together, we can accelerate the energy transition by making the energy system more efficient. Ultimately, it’s still the case that every individual bears responsibility for what’s being done to mitigate climate change. But we can make it as easy for them as possible.”

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GP JOULE is an integrated energy supplier that covers the entire energy value chain, from generation to use – and from consulting and financing through to project planning, construction and service. GP JOULE produces and sells wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. From its base in Germany, GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe since 2009. For a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy. For 100% renewable energy for everyone.

GP JOULE won the 2022 German Mobility Award for its eFarm hydrogen mobility project.



CODIN IT prides itself on being a digital agency that goes well beyond what is considered standard in the sector. It is on a mission to shape digitalisation through impassioned commitment and industry expertise. With creative ideas, targeted designs, and specialist software applications and web development, CODIN IT devises technically superlative solutions that, most importantly, leave its customers with only positive experiences. Commitment, sustainability and transparent communication are not just empty buzzwords but are principles that are actively embraced. It is these values that enable the company to forge lasting partnerships built on trust and guide them to success.


About Epic AI

With its laser-like focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, Epic AI is spearheading the onward march of AI in the Flensburg region and bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to the world of digital solutions. From developing highly intelligent chatbots for customer service and creating data-driven systems to support decision-making through to spotting complex patterns hidden in vast amounts of data, Epic AI is not only at the forefront of technology – it is also setting new benchmarks. With applications that both improve efficiency and cut costs, the company is demonstrating how state-of-the-art technologies can make the difference in today’s world of business.


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