"Highly demanding project": GP JOULE commissions 83-megawatt solar park for Friesen Elektra

The next expansion stage of the hybrid energy park in Sande is already being planned

"Highly demanding project": GP JOULE commissions 83-megawatt solar park for Friesen Elektra

Reußenköge/ Sande, 20 June 2024

Another piece of the energy revolution has been completed in East Frisia, Germany. The Sande solar park with an output of around 83 megawatts was built by GP JOULE for its client Friesen Elektra. The specialists from GP JOULE EPC had to overcome a whole host of planning and technical challenges: The plant was integrated into Friesen Elektra's existing wind farm and specially developed drilling and foundation methods were used to cope with the aggressively steel-bearing soil and the demanding monument protection requirements. And it was a success, as the next 37 megawatts of the solar park are already in preparation.

The plant will produce an average of around 80,000 megawatt hours of electricity and therefore supply more than 26,600 households (annual consumption 3,000 kilowatts) with CO2-free energy. More than 145,000 modules are lined up under the windmills of the Sande Hybrid Energy Park on the approximately 95-hectare site, located on the A29 motorway. Absolute precision was required in terms of planning and construction in order to mount and connect them to the near 31,400 posts required for this. Trenches, watercourses and monument protection requirements meant that the modules had to be arranged in a highly complex way. With experience and perseverance, the GP JOULE planning team was able to find an economical system design.

Despite these challenges and well above-average rainfall, the GP JOULE project and construction management team managed to keep to the ambitious implementation schedule and commission the plant on 19 April.

"Implementing such a highly demanding project as the Sande solar park requires well-coordinated teams and close communication between all involved. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the local authorities and our client Friesen Elektra for the extremely good and constructive cooperation, as well as our partners, above all Ecotec," says Matthias Lamp, Managing Director of GP JOULE EPC.

Paola Pignatelli, Project Manager at GP JOULE EPC, adds: "On construction sites like these, the tried and tested collaboration with our partners pays off: We have already been able to carry out a number of complex projects and, building on this experience, we were also able to make the first PV expansion stage in Sande a success."

Friesen Elektra Green Energy AG

"Our medium-sized family business has been producing renewable energy from wind at the Sande Hybrid Energy Park since 1999. And since April 2024, we have had around 107 megawatts of installed capacity here in a combination of photovoltaic and wind power plants," says Maximilian Graf von Wedel, Managing Director of Friesen Elektra Green Energy AG, adding: "In addition to the second expansion stage, we are also focussing on green hydrogen. With an electrolysis project comprising over two gigawatts, which is due to be completed by 2030, Friesen Elektra is doing its part to make green hydrogen a widely available alternative to fossil fuels."

Next expansion stage is already being planned

At the same time as the first section goes into operation, the next expansion stage is already being planned. "We are delighted to be able to realise the next 37 megawatts for our valued customer, which is a great endorsement of the work we have done," says Matthias Lamp.

Operational management from GP JOULE

Meanwhile, the first section will continue to be supported by GP JOULE after commissioning. This is because GP JOULE SERVICE is now taking over the technical management of the plant for the client Friesen Elektra. As standard, this includes monitoring, transparent reporting, maintenance, inspection and repairs - all carried out by our own service teams. GP JOULE has already been awarded the service contract for the next section with 37 megawatts.

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