Local heat and fibre optics from a single source: GP JOULE and Corwese sign cooperation agreement

Local heat and fibre optics from a single source: GP JOULE and Corwese sign cooperation agreement

Buttenwiesen, 21 December 2022

Local heat and fast internet - in future, municipalities will be able to have both laid at the same time. GP JOULE's collaboration with broadband consultancy Corwese turns two projects into one.

"Our goal, as well as that of Corwese, is to make partners and customers the best possible offer in the two future topics of local heat supply and digitalisation," says Felix Schwahn, head of GP JOULE HEAT. "It is ideal if we can make use of synergies in the process."

For example, when it comes to the civil engineering works. This cooperation makes it possible to coordinate construction measures. The fibre optic network and the heat network will be laid at the same time. Roads or pavements only have to be torn up once.


One contact for all services

Through the cooperation, the municipalities work together with a single contact person who takes care of the concerns of both sectors and ensures that everything - from acquisition to construction to acceptance - is coordinated. The civil engineering costs can be shared.

The municipalities retain the greatest possible freedom of choice - both in selecting the telecommunications company and in the company that operates the local heat system. If desired, the municipality can take a share of up to 50 percent in a heat company and also provide the managing director. As far as fibre optic expansion is concerned, the cities and municipalities can make use of the great expertise of the broadband consulting firm Corwese, but the operator openness remains. "The municipalities are free to choose their specific partner," explains Jürgen Schuster, Managing Director of Corwese GmbH.

Municipalities in rural areas that build up such a future-proof infrastructure of fast internet and regenerative heat supply are ideally equipped for the challenges of the coming decades. The attractiveness of the municipality increases - form companies and business too - as does the value of each individual house.


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As an integrated energy supplier, GP JOULE is active in all areas of the energy value chain: from generating to using energy, from consulting to financing and project planning to construction and service. GP JOULE produces and markets wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe from Germany since 2009. With the aim of delivering a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy. 100 % renewable energy for all.

GP JOULE was awarded the German Mobility Prize 2022 for the hydrogen mobility project eFarm.


About Corwese

As Bavaria's No. 1 contact in the field of broadband supply for rural areas, Corwese accompanies municipalities and municipal companies into the digital future. Founded in 2009 by Roland Werb as an engineering office with 4 freelancers, Corwese GmbH has now been serving around 650 municipalities in Bavaria and other federal states for 10 years. The wide-ranging team now consists of 33 permanent and freelance employees. In November 2021, Roland Werb passed on the management to his long-time employee Jürgen Schuster.

The internal potential is used according to the basic philosophy of the company and is constantly developed together. In order to be able to cover the needs holistically, cooperations are established with strong partners. "We look for the best solutions for our clients while keeping the big picture in mind." For this, Corwese was officially awarded the TOP CONSULTANT Award 2019. For a long time now, Corwese has not only been active in the field of broadband consulting and implementation, but has also been striving for the future of the Smart Village, a future with endless possibilities.


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