1. Editorial
  2. Contents
  3. In Focus: The municipal energy transformation in figures
  4. In Focus: Municipalities are getting on with it
  5. In Focus: Municipalities need a climate protection caretaker
  6. In Focus: All beginnings are easy
  7. James comments: Producing instead of buying-in
  8. Politics: We need to talk about energy consumers
  9. Politics: Who needs to worry now?
  10. Politics: A sense of unity is the best remedy against powerlessness
  11. Production: Green electricity for a high-capacity heat pump
  12. News: New paths
  13. Production: It sees what we can’t
  14. Usage: Charge and save
  15. Production: Hydrogen? It’s coming
  16. News: HORIZONS 23 – The GP JOULE summer festival
  17. News: Two of us
  18. News: Reasons to celebrate
  19. News: Digital solutions for more sustainability
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