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03.04.2019 – GP JOULE Group and ENERTRAG AG pool forces
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29.03.2019 – Hannover Fair 2019: GP JOULE brings its smart, cost-effective e-mobility solutions to Hannover Messe 2019, along with several other practical sector-coupling applications
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26.03.2019 – GP JOULE wins MAN Energy Solutions as a strategic co-investor for H-TEC SYSTEMS
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20.03.2019 – GP JOULE is not waiting but getting started: first hydrogen-powered car is approved for road use in North Frisia
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15.03.2019 – Integrated and systemic: GP JOULE exhibits renewable energy projects for the future
14.02.2019 – Snowlar Builder: We look at the opportunity of solar development in Northern latitudes
GP JOULE Expands Capacity into Key US Northeast and Midwest Solar Markets with New York Office
04.02.2019 – Integrated Canadian-Based EPC Brings its Line of PV Mechanical Product Solutions to Fast-Growing States
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28.01.2019 – GP JOULE SERVICE has been awarded ISO 9001 certification