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The magazine for renewable energies.

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Take your future into your own hands! In GP JOULE’s JAMES magazine – named after the famous British Pioneer on Energy Research, James Prescott JOULE, you will find information on latest industry trends, reports and articles on current and relevant topics buzzing in the field of renewable energy, etc.

The magazine will also give you some opportunity to dive deeper into GP JOULE’s world and community, with focused articles on its various divisions, products and services, project case studies and more. JAMES magazine is only available in printed form and all you need to do is subscribe for free today!


  • Climate protection is a question of economic common sense
  • Decarbonising in industry
  • Statements of the energy policy speakers in the German Bundestag
  • Regional, climate-neutral hydrogen mobility
  • Electricity, fuel and heat from renewable energies

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  • New approaches: Striving for real efficiency
  • It takes more than technical progress to transform traffic
  • Joining forces: How a wind farm in Hesse was built
  • Reaching new heights in North America
  • Boundless Energy: GP JOULE projects around the globe
  • A vibrant network: The watt_2.0 industry association


  • The climate protection challenge
  • Where Germany’s political parties stand on the energy revolution
  • Innovation: On the path to the <2-degree economy
  • Portrait: CONNECT brand ambassador Leon Jamaer
  • Huge wind farm project in Bavaria
  • News from GP JOULE in North America

Focus on: There's more to power than electricity.

  • In focus: Power to gas.
  • Electricity market reform: A tale of disappointment.
  • Into the future: Integrated Energy at the Hannover Messe trade fair.
  • Solar Power International: Trade fair appearance with brand ambassador Robby Naish.


  • GP JOULE updates its appearance
  • Portrait of Robby Naish: ‘On the same wavelength’
  • Current political discussions on renewable energy
  • GP JOULE in North America
  • Current wind park project Lindenberg
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Focus on: CO2-Free!

  • Back to the roots: Germany’s energy policy change is at a crossroads
  • The EEG reallocation charge: How the EEG reallocation charge can be lowered
  • Road works: Kühlenthal’s community wind turbine
  • H-TEC SYSTEMS: Your partner for electrolysers

Focus on: Germany votes!

  • Check for voters: Who to elect for the next four years
  • Election manifestos lack courage and direction
  • miniJOULE conquers the swiss market
  • CULTIVECO: An idea bears fruit

Focus on investment & markets

  • Understanding the ‘energy revolution’ correctly
  • PV investment in times of change
  • Punitive tariffs are damaging the industry
  • The voice of the industry

Focus on Decentralisation

  • The Power Gap Filler
  • Decentralisation First!
  • Offshore in Perpetual Crisis
  • Grid Expansion and the Civic Grid
  • Power-to-Gas

Focus on Germany's Changed Energy Policy

  • H-TEC Presents its Electrolyser
  • GP World: 100% Renewable Energy
  • Heiner Gärtner: "Radically Simplifying Solar Power Financing"
  • With miniJOULE to the Energy Revolution
  • GP JOULE international

Focus on Market Bonus Schemes

  • Energy Prize: Bavarian Founders' Award
  • History Lesson: Interview with the Founders
  • H-TEC Becomes Part of GP JOULE
  • Service for Solar and Wind
  • Construction of a 70-MW Solar Park
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