Common understanding
We are all taking precautions

Our goal is to slow down the spread of the infections and actively protect threatened groups of people by taking precautions we all take seriously together. Due to the progression of corona virus cases in countless districts in Germany and especially in our areas of activity, we are expanding our protective measures.

We ask for your understanding that we will not be making any business trips for the time being and that we are unfortunately unable to receive visits to our sites at present. Instead, we are relying on digital conference facilities. Many colleagues are currently working from home and are available for you to contact as usual.

Our sincere request to all business partners and colleagues: The current situation is calling for serious changes to behaviour for everyone. It is necessary for everyone to also avoidsocial contacts in their private life, which are not absolutely necessary. Our maxim: Maintain our distance - strengthen our cohesion.

Up-to-date information on preventative measures can be found at

Stay healthy.
Yours Ove Petersen, Heinrich Gärtner, Dr. Daniel Gerner and Jürgen Gerold