15,000 Euro support for young talent

Husum, 16 September 2015. Wind turbines, that rotate not vertically but horizontally and can be fixed in town at almost every post, every bar and every chimney, or a plant, at which climate-damaging carbon dioxide can be converted into methane, that can be used for storing renewable energy via the power to gas technology – innovative ideas like these of Jugend forscht winners fill GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen with enthusiasm. He too, together with his college friend Heinrich Gärtner, already built his first solar park in 2004 and thus laid the foundation for today's company GP JOULE. "As an innovative company, we are dependent on young talents," says Ove Petersen. "That's why we support since 2010 with conviction school competitions like Jugend forscht.” This year, Dr. Nico Kock, executive board member of the foundation Jugend forscht e.V., could accept 15,000 Euro at the fair HUSUM Wind 2015. "We are very pleased about the repeated support by GP JOULE," said Dr. Nico Kock. "With the competition we can discover talents at an early stage and promote them actively and sustainably. At the same time, we are continuously strengthening the growing interest in the MINT subjects – i.e. mathematics, information technology, natural science and technology. Because the young tinkerers are the professionals of tomorrow. Already today, talented young people are urgently needed."

This also applies to the energy sector. "With our support, we want to introduce the issues of the energy transition to the youth and get them excited about the potential of renewable energies," says GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen. "The renewable energy industry is a highly innovative future market, that offers young researchers an exciting career field and attractive career opportunities."

Also, the GP JOULE subsidiary H-TEC EDUCATION wants to show young people, that science is anything but dry theory and arouse their desire on research. That's why the company regularly supports the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) student competition "Fuel Cell Box" – both financially and in terms of content. The competition is organized by EnergieAgentur.NRW and H-TEC EDUCATION GmbH since 2004 and brings the future technologies hydrogen and fuel cells closer to pupils in grades 9 to 11.

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Timo Bovi
Director Governmental Relations and Public Affairs
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The company:
GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and authentic partner for all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY", the company has developed, planned and realised projects for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage since 2009. Based on a sense of respect and responsibility for mankind and the environment, GP Joule develops intelligent energy concepts and integrated solutions, thereby ensuring that the power turnaround becomes a genuine energy turnaround. The guiding principles of company founders and agricultural engineers Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality as well as the aim to contribute to 100% of energy consumption being drawn from renewable sources in the future. GP JOULE is thus able to offer investors a highly promising and profitable investment option. 

GP JOULE operates four sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.