Citizen wind energy for Bavaria

Buttenwiesen / Kühlenthal, 19. July. Open house day at the first citizen wind energy generating system in Kühlental (community of Fertingen, district of Augsburg). With a capacity of 2.4 megawatts (MW), the system can generate over 5 million kWh of electricity annually providing green power for 1,250 households. The owners of the system together with GP JOULE – the specialist for planning, constructing, operating and intelligently integrating renewable energy systems – are the citizens of Kühlental. "When we planned and built the system we worked together with the commune very closely. Because a project like this cannot be achieved without local support", says Heinrich Gärtner, one of the founders and managing director of GP Joule.

Natascha Kohnen, Secretary General of the BayernSPD and Ludwig Hartmann, parliamentary party leader of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen in the Bavarian Parliament attended the open house day. Ludwig Hartman pointed out that renewable energy should not only help improve climate protection, but also be economically viable: “Regional energy is not only a way of adding value to the region, but also a response to the challenges posed by climate change in keeping with the motto: think globally, act locally. Wind power is the most cost-effective among renewable energies. This means that expanding wind energy is not only our ecological responsibility, but economic reason also dictates the use of wind power.

Natascha Kohnen vigorously appealed to the Bavarian Government: “If you really want the energy turnaround, you must ensure long-term planning and legal security for investors, communes and energy cooperatives! Short-term changes of mind are counter-productive for everyone who is committed to the energy turnaround on site.    

The wind turbine in Kühlental is only one of GP JOULE's projects in Bavaria. Together with the commune of Buttenwiesen (district of Dillingen), the company founded the Renergy Works, which supplies local households with inexpensive and environment-friendly heat via the local heat network. More than 90 percent of the heating energy is generated from local biomass in a biogas plant in Buttenwiesen. In this plant biomass is converted into electricity, the waste energy generated is stored as warm water and can then be used for heating purposes. "Up to now the energy transition discussion mainly focussed on the electricity market", says Heinrich Gärtner of GP JOULE. "However, we need an integrated overall approach to the energy transition which includes the areas of heat and mobility. Because this is where there is still great untapped potential for reducing CO? emissions." The GP JOULE project "Stromlückenfüller" (bridging the electricity gap) has been designed with precisely this in mind. Renewable energy is converted to hydrogen using this power-to-gas storage technology. This can be used either for heating purposes, for driving hydrogen vehicles or powering industry - or be converted back into electricity if required. Following the successful launch of the pilot project in Schleswig-Holstein, GP JOULE is now also planning a similar project in the Buttenwiesen in Bavaria.

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GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and committed partner in all aspects of renewable energies.  Taking “Trust your Energy” as its motto, the company, which was founded in 2009, develops, plans and implements projects for the forward-looking use of solar, wind, biomass and energy storage systems. Driven by respect and a sense of responsibility for man and the environment, GP JOULE develops intelligent energy concepts and end-to-end solutions, already ensuring that the change in the way we generate electricity also entails a genuine change in the way we view energy.  The principles followed by company founders Ove Petersen und Heinrich Gärtner, both of whom are agricultural engineers, include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality, as well as the stated long-term aim of providing 100 % of energy consumption through renewables in the future Thus, GP JOULE offers investors forward-looking, highly profitable investment opportunities.  
Thus, GP JOULE offers investors forward-looking, highly profitable investment opportunities.  

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