CONNECT: Clean and individual electric mobility solutions from GP JOULE

GP JOULE has always regarded itself as a pioneer in the development of intelligent solutions for the energy turnaround. The North Frisian company now launches CONNECT, offering consumers solutions for the intelligent use of renewable energies, too. At this year's E-World the range of products and services is mainly geared towards companies, businesses and local authorities who are planning to establish an electrically powered fleet or charging solutions.

As a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and E-Mobility Provider (EMP), the company is able to provide solutions covering all areas of electric mobility: as a CPO, GP Joule operates its own charge points and ensures these can be located within the various charging networks. As an EMP it provides a charging card system that enables charging and payment both at its own charging stations and at those of other operators – a key requirement for companies and local authorities to be able to use electric mobility themselves as well as provide charging facilities and other charging-related services. 

For companies who wish to change their fleet over to climate-friendly e-mobility just as GP JOULE itself has done, CONNECT provides the necessary charging infrastructure in the form of charging stations and wallboxes for use at home or at the workplace. At the same time, individually tailored CONNECT solutions are possible that enable user administration and physical load capacity management to be harmonised and set up according to the specific local administrative and technical framework.

“We started switching our own fleet over to electrically powered cars in 2015. Everything we learned in our own company we fed directly into product development so these insights are now reflected in our products and solutions,” says Ove Petersen, founder and managing director of GP JOULE. He adds: “For truly carbon neutral mobility, CONNECT naturally includes an electricity rate based on 100% renewable energies – even with proof of regional origin, as soon as this is possible from a regulatory point of view.”

But Petersen insists that CONNECT is about much more than just e-mobility and green power: “With CONNECT we’re expanding our range of intelligent power generation and operating concepts to provide a renewables-based energy system consisting of supply and infrastructure solutions. And we’re well past the stage of just regarding services and kilowatt-hours as a business model for a 100% renewable future. It’ll be important not to treat energy as a cost factor but to appreciate its actual value and tap into this. While up until recently we would look for cafés with free Wi-Fi, in future we will seek out restaurants, bakeries and filling stations in our electric cars where we can get charging time in addition to a cup of coffee – and where we might actually be able to pay for that coffee with self-generated kWh.”

Find out more about CONNECT charging solutions at E-World 2017 in Hall 7, Stand 7-419.

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The company GP JOULE:
GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for companies, local authorities and investors in all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY” and driven by the conviction that 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE develops and realises energy and operating concepts for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. In its own R&D department the company works on cross-sectoral usage and refinement concepts for renewable energies in areas such as power-to-gas and municipal heat supply. 

With its business area CONNECT launched in 2016, GP JOULE has expanded its range of products and services to include intelligent supply and infrastructure solutions in the field of electric mobility as well as its own green power product, which will allow regional electricity procurement when the relevant directive comes into force.

GP JOULE operates six sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.