Connected sectors in practice

Reußenköge – During the New Energy trade fair in Husum, GP JOULE and its subsidiary H-TEC took part in the watt_2.0 sector meeting to present intelligent solutions for the generation, storage and use of renewable energy for local authorities, companies, tradespeople and private individuals. 

GP JOULE has always seen itself as a pioneer in the development of intelligent solutions for the energy revolution. ‘If we want a climate-neutral, 100% renewable energy future, then it is not enough to simply change from fossil fuels to renewables to generate electricity. We have to think out of the box and do something about it,’ said Ove Petersen, founder and general manager of GP JOULE and chairman of watt_2.0 e.V., the association for the sector, expressing what drives his company with its roots in Reußenköge but which is now internationally active. 

GP JOULE has thus consistently broadened its base so as to sensibly connect the generation and consumption of renewable energy. The company always keeps an eye firmly on its long-term objective: to consistently increase the amount of energy created renewably, to make the supply of energy future-proof, clean and affordable. 

At the New Energy trade fair in Husum, the company is showing the options that local authorities, companies and private persons already have today, to contribute to a genuine energy revolution and to benefit from it. 

CONNECT – starting to connect sectors:

With the introduction of CONNECT, the North Frisian company is now also offering solutions for consumers to intelligently use renewable energy in the fields of electricity and mobility. For companies that want to convert their fleet to climate-friendly e-mobility, CONNECT offers the necessary charging infrastructure as charging posts and wall boxes for use at home and at work. Tailor-made solutions for user management as well as the management of the physical charging load are adapted to the individual, administrative and technical circumstances both locally and in the company. 

For those who would like to support e-mobility with public charging posts, GP JOULE makes it possible to set up a transparent and scalable infrastructure solution. This is based on a system of charging cards which can be used both on your own charging posts as well as on third-party posts to manage charging and billing. This is a decisive requirement for companies and local authorities to be able to offer charging solutions as well as additional services related to charging. In January 2017 an electric ‘filling station’ like this was set up for the town of Husum on the car park for the exhibition grounds with six charging points. 

‘In 2015 we started to convert our own fleet to electric cars. Everything that we learned from doing this in our own company has gone straight into the product development and can now be found in our products and solutions,’ said Ove Petersen, founder and general manager of GP JOULE. He continued, ‘For real climate-neutral mobility, of course CONNECT has its own electricity tariff on the basis of 100% renewable energy. As soon as legally possible, this will include certification of the regional source of supply.’

In a converted overseas shipping container on the exhibition grounds, visitors can experience in a very concrete way how renewable energy finds its place in daily life and how the chain from generation to consumption is closed, starting from the photovoltaic system for the power socket through to the CONNECT e-bike.

GP JOULE – your partner for supply solutions for local authorities:

GP JOULE sees itself as an active partner in the development of supply solutions for local authorities in the fields of generating electricity and mobility, in the shape of charging systems. The services on offer cover the entire spectrum, from planning and financing through to implementation and operation. 

‘Over and above that, since 2014 we have been advising and supporting local authorities which set up district heating networks in a public–private partnership. This is another important step towards the practical connection of sectors,’ emphasised Ove Petersen. In this, GP JOULE deals with the design, planning, set-up and operation of a regional district heating network with a minority shareholding, together with the local authority. 

Electrolysis as a technology of the future – to create value in the region by processing excess electricity: 

The GP JOULE subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS is also exhibiting at the Husum trade fair. This company has specialised in the compact production and storage of hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future. H-TEC SYSTEMS manufactures PEM electrolyser stacks and electrolysers, with which pure hydrogen can be generated from excess electricity. In connection with an intelligent usage concept for the waste heat generated during the conversion, an efficiency of more than 95% can be achieved. The team at the trade fair will use a model to demonstrate how that works in concrete terms.

Together for a renewable Schleswig-Holstein:

As the German region of renewables, Schleswig-Holstein has unique advantages due to its location which result in a special opportunity. ‘Schleswig-Holstein can profit from its past experiences. In contrast to the agricultural sector, we may no longer just be exporters of primary products,’ warned Ove Petersen, who continues to run his own farm. ‘For renewably generated electricity, that means not just generating it here but also converting it into hydrogen, for example, so that we keep the creation of value in the region. GP JOULE can introduce ideas and concepts for this from the renewable-energy economy which, when connected to conversion and storage equipment, creates a model for the complete exploitation of the renewable chain of value creation in the region.’ He then added, ‘In the renewable energy sector in Schleswig-Holstein we can very clearly see that a high degree of local value creation increases the number of jobs. This can help Schleswig-Holstein to take the lead in education and to increase the value of the social environment.’

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The company GP JOULE:
GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for companies, local authorities and investors in all areas of renewable energy. In line with the motto ‘TRUST YOUR ENERGY’ and driven by the conviction that 100% renewable energy supply is possible, GP JOULE develops and implements energy and operating concepts for the promising use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. In its own R & D department, the company works on multiple-sector usage and refinement concepts for renewable energy, including the fields of power-to-gas and the supply of district heating. With its CONNECT division launched in 2016, GP JOULE is adding intelligent energy supply and infrastructure solutions for e-mobility to its range as well as its own green electricity product, which will enable the supply of regionally generated electricity when the corresponding law comes into force. GP JOULE has five offices in northern and southern Germany as well as two international offices in the USA and Canada.