Electricity to hydrogen

Düsseldorf – At the Energy Storage Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf, H-TEC SYSTEMS is presenting its compact, high-performance PEM electrolysis stacks and electrolysers. The proton exchange membrane process can convert electricity to hydrogen with an efficiency of over 75 per cent. This can then be stored as well as transported for the most varied applications or can be converted back into electricity. 

The focus of the work at H-TEC SYSTEMS is on the swift reduction of both the costs of the equipment as well as the conversion costs. ‘The key to the competitiveness of power-to-gas technology will be in the quick and clear reduction of the costs per converted kilowatt-hour,’ predicted Ove Petersen, founder and general manager of GP JOULE, the company group to which the Lübeck-based company H-TEC SYSTEMS has belonged since 2010. 

The H-TEC recipe is to use smart technology, characterised by low weight, a compact, modular design together with the ability to scale up into the megawatt class as well as years of know-how in the field of PEM electrolysis. This is helped by a lot of practical experience in the construction and operation of electrolysers in various sizes at the GP JOULE sites in Reußenköge and Buttenwiesen, Germany. 

In the meantime, with its ELS 30 (30 cm2 active membrane area) and the ELS 450 (450 cm2 active membrane area) H-TEC SYSTEMS has developed two stacks to be ready for series production for very different applications in industry and science. 

Exactly how electricity is converted into very pure hydrogen will be demonstrated live by the H-TEC SYSTEMS team on a model at the fair.

For more information about H-TEC SYSTEMS and our technology, do come and see us at the Energy Storage Europe 2017 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, at stand 8BD02. 


Mr Timo Bovi
Director Governmental Relations and Public Affairs
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E-Mail: t.bovi(at)gp-joule.de 

H-TEC SYSTEMS is a research and production member of the GP JOULE group. H-TEC SYSTEMS has worked on innovative power-to-gas solutions based on PEM electrolysis since 1997 and is actively developing its own stacks and electrolysers.

In 2010 GP JOULE integrated the company based in Lübeck, Germany, as a subsidiary, to use its developed technology into intelligent operating and usage concepts, and to bring what were previously quite high costs for the conversion of electricity into hydrogen down to a competitive level.