Energy Transition State Schleswig-Holstein

Reussenkoege, 14 September 2015. With 118 new wind turbines that have been put into operation solely in the first half of 2015, Schleswig-Holstein has secured the first place in a nationwide comparison. Among other things, the board of the association of enterprises Lower Elbe-west coast discussed at its meeting in Reussenkoege with GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen how the state can defend its leading position in the future and beyond may use its locational advantage in production and further refinement of cost-effective renewable electricity in the future.

At the company site of GP JOULE, prior to the meeting Ove Petersen presented the work focuses and projects of his company to the Association Director Ken Bloecker and his fellow board members. "Renewable energies are an economic key factor in our region," Ken Bloecker said. "The energy revolution is not only correct regarding the climate protection policy, but also economically sensible – and successful. With more investment in infrastructure and new technologies for the energy turnaround, the added value will remain in our own country," Bloecker went on.

Ove Petersen looks at it in a similar way. "However, so far we have only implemented a pure power turnaround here in the North. But green power offers much more: It can, for example by means of power to gas technology, be transformed into hydrogen and so be harnessed for the heat and mobility market or for industrial applications. It has enormous potential for the Schleswig-Holstein economy," said Petersen.

Electricity from wind energy can be more. This proves GP JOULE at the HUSUM Wind 2015. As first company worldwide the renewable energy specialist for planning, construction, operation and intelligent system integration, presents a power to gas system in real operation at the fair. By this, using the PEM electrolyzer stack developed by GP JOULE, power is converted into hydrogen and thus made storable. If necessary, the power can be retransformed again or be used as hydrogen in the heating and mobility market or industry. "This way, the electricity becomes “refined", opens up new sources of revenue and advances the de-carbonation of heat, mobility and industrial markets," said GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen.

The registered association of enterprises Lower Elbe-west coast is an association of approximately 400 companies between Norderstedt and the Danish border. It was founded almost 70 years ago and has become an important mouthpiece for the economy on the west coast and in the Lower Elbe region.

GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and committed partner in all aspects of renewable energies. Taking “Trust your Energy” as its motto, the company, which was founded in 2009, develops, plans and implements projects for the forward-looking use of solar, wind, biomass and energy storage systems. Driven by respect and a sense of responsibility for man and the environment, GP JOULE develops intelligent energy concepts and end-to-end solutions, already ensuring that the change in the way we generate electricity also entails a genuine change in the way we view energy. The principles followed by company founders Ove Petersen und Heinrich Gärtner, both of whom are agricultural engineers, include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality, as well as the stated long-term aim of providing 100 % of energy consumption through renewables in the future. Thus, GP JOULE offers investors forward-looking, highly profitable investment opportunities. GP JOULE has four locations in northern and southern Germany and two international locations in the USA and Canada.

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