Fuel Cell Bus Ride at HUSUM Wind 2017

At the HUSUM Wind trade fair, you can experience the future of climate-friendly mobility in Schleswig-Holstein hands-on with GP JOULE. GP JOULE gives you the opportunity of experiencing what the mobility turnaround would look like in North Frisia by taking two short tours with a fuel cell bus.

In the context of the GP JOULE collaborative project “Generating acceptance by creating value – hydrogen as the link in coupling the heat, power, industry and transportation sector”, the first ride takes visitors to Reußenköge for a tour of the first megawatt PEM electrolyser in Schleswig-Holstein. The second ride goes to the wind test field Nord in Südermarsch.

On the company grounds of GP JOULE in Reußenköge, the participants are shown the first hydrogen PEM electrolyser of the megawatt class in Schleswig-Holstein and how it works. With this electrolyser, produced and developed by GP JOULE’s subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS in Schleswig-Holstein, it is already possible to generate hydrogen from renewable energies on an industrial scale at low costs today.

The second bus ride goes to the wind test field Nord in Südermarsch. The municipally-owned wind test field is unique in Germany as a testing ground for wind power plants. GP JOULE has also been testing Nordex wind power plants here since 2016. They can be used for generating hydrogen. 

Please register with t.bovi(at)gp-joule.de or under the tel. no. +49 (0) 177 8830622 to take part in the bus rides.

The key stations of the fuel cell bus ride on 13. September 2017 in brief:

Morning: Megawatt class power-to-gas plant in Reußenköge:

8.45 amRide to Fischer & Tausche GmbH 
9.15 amShort presentation and tour of the production facilities at FTCAP GmbH    
10.15 amRide to GP JOULE, Reußenköge 
10.45 amPresentation “First power-to-gas plant in Schleswig-Holstein” 
11.45 am  Return ride to the HUSUM wind trade fair


Afternoon: Wind test field Nord in Südermarsch: 

2.30 pmDeparture from HUSUM wind trade fair – Fuel cell bus ride for a tour of the wind test field Nord
3.30 pm  Return ride to the HUSUM wind trade fair


Timo Bovi
Director Governmental Relations and Public Affairs
Tel.: +49 (0) 4671 6074-235
Mobile: +49 (0) 177 8830622
E-Mail: t.bovi(at)gp-joule.de

The GP JOULE Company: 
GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for commercial enterprises, local communities as well as investors in all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY” and driven by the belief that energy supply can be covered 100% by renewable energy, the company develops, plans and realises energy and operation projects for the future-oriented and intelligent use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. In its own R&D division, the company develops cross-sector utilisation and customisation concepts for renewable energies, including Power-to-Gas or municipal heat supply. With the CONNECT business area, GP JOULE is expanding its range with intelligent e-mobility supply and infrastructure solutions as well as its own green energy product which will enable companies to generate their own electricity after the relevant regulation has come into force. GP JOULE operates five sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.