Germany's largest green H2 mobility project - eFarm ground-breaking ceremony for hydrogen filling station in Husum

Reußenköge, 30 June 2020

GP JOULE gets H2 on the road: A historic ground-breaking ceremony was conducted by Husum's mayor Uwe Schmitz, district president Manfred Uekermann and eFarm project manager André Steinau together with team energie GmbH & Co. KG on 30 June. On the Husum team energie site, the first hydrogen filling station of the district town is being built. This will supply fuel cell buses, trucks and cars with green energy from the eFarm project in the future.
This marks the beginning of another important phase of the trend-setting hydrogen mobility project, which is being designed and implemented by GP JOULE GmbH, Reußenköge. “CO2-free hydrogen from sun and wind is not only ideal for the climate, it also creates regional jobs and added value", says Manfred Uekermann, President of the North Frisia District Council. The ground-breaking ceremony for the future was also attended by the 19 regional shareholders, including team energie GmbH & Co. KG, as well as André Steinau, from the management of the GP JOULE Group and eFarm project manager. "North Frisia is leading the way in producing regenerative energy for and using it in a cooperative manner," says Steinau. "The shareholders represent over 2,300 participating citizens and with team energie GmbH & Co. KG, they even represent an innovation driver in the mineral oil industry.” The hydrogen filling station is to start its environmentally friendly operation in September 2020.

H2 production to start shortly

When it comes to hydrogen, Schleswig-Holstein is right at the forefront of developments. The largest German H2 mobility project eFarm makes it possible for cities, communities, industry and citizens to experience how regionally produced renewable energies can be used locally in all energy sectors using hydrogen. Solar and wind power is converted by electrolysis into storable hydrogen and can then be used for mobility of all kinds as well as heat and industry. Acceptance for the concept is increasing enormously. One special event for the energy turnaround is being eagerly awaited: The hydrogen production facility of the eFarm project in Bosbüll is nearing completion and electrolysis will start shortly.

Generated on site, used on site

Besides Husum, the green hydrogen generated in the eFarm project will be the first to benefit from Niebüll with an H2 filling station and Bosbüll with a district heating network this year. The eFarm project uses the waste heat generated by the electrolysers during H2 production for the heating network that will heat commercial and private buildings. In Husum and the climatic spa town of Niebüll, everyone can try out how it feels to travel using hydrogen generating no emissions on various routes in the specially purchased fuel cell buses for public transport. "Mobile H2 storage containers are transported by truck to the two hydrogen filling stations. Fuel cell vehicles convert the hydrogen back into electricity for propulsion," explains André Steinau. Sophisticated, truly convincing technology: Interest in hydrogen-powered trucks and cars in the two coastal towns is already high.

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Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electromobility. A pioneer in the area of sectoral cross-linkage, the medium-sized company group has a workforce of over 290 employees at sites in Germany, Europe and North America.
GP JOULE holds the 2019 Schleswig-Holstein Business Environmental Award.

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