GP JOULE at HUSUM Wind 2017

Reußenköge – At the HUSUM Wind GP JOULE is focusing on the entire value added chain of wind energy. The main focus is on the conversion and regional utilisation of wind power in the areas of mobility and heat.

With its innovative power-to-gas technology, the first megaclass PEM electrolyser, GP JOULE is using HUSUM Wind as the platform to illustrate how wind and solar energy can be converted into hydrogen and stored with virtually no losses.  In order to make generating green hydrogen as highly efficient as possible, the heat created in the process is decoupled using a heat exchanger. This can then be fed back into existing heat sinks on site for district or local heating uses.

The hydrogen generated can be used by industry and research and above all as a fuel for mobility applications. Hydrogen can be utilised mainly as a green fuel for transportation, especially where electric mobility range reaches its limits. Hydrogen is an indispensable alternative for climate-friendly mobility above all when it comes to public and heavy-duty transportation.  So in the near future, windfarm operators will expand their value chain and be able to generate new revenue potential on new markets.

Especially local communities who are looking to achieve a climate-friendly future and who want to promote climate-friendly mobility, find investing in wind energy more attractive than ever, be it in coastal regions or inland.  However, what is required for planning, realising and operating windfarms, are experienced, capable and reliable partners. At HUSUM wind, GP JOULE is also presenting its wide range of services for implementing new wind energy projects in a time-efficient manner as a safe investment.

Apart from planning, financing, authorisation and construction, GP JOULE also carries out the commercial and technical management of company-owned as well as non-company-owned facilities. Understanding the general context and having a holistic view of the renewable energy industry finds expression here: currently the company is managing facilities generating in excess of 500 MW of power both technically and/or commercially. The focus is always on ensuring that the managed assets are fully ready and operational for the energy market of the future. GP JOULE utilises professional tools such as Breeze Windfarm Management for digitally analysing and optimising windfarms and for building needs-oriented cockpits which are used to continuously measure and display the analysed data allowing users to view performance with the aid of their own control centres.

For the heat sector, GP JOULE has developed climate-neutral heat usage concepts for stable-cost and secure energy supply together with the local communities.   Apart from concepts to use process heat in the power-to-gas process, the focus is on utilising heat from local bio-gas plants. For example in the Bavarian municipality of Buttenwiesen, GP JOULE designs, plans, builds and manages the public heat supply network jointly with the local community in a Public Private Partnership. In Buttenwiesen, GP JOULE operates the district heating grid together with the local community via the “Renergiewerke Buttenwiesen” plant operator. The grid already has more than 125 subscribers and is to be expanded to include electricity and e-mobility offers.

At HUSUM Wind visitors can experience the power-to-gas technology for generating hydrogen live: See the innovative GP JOULE power, heat and mobility solutions for yourself at stand B12, hall 1.


Timo Bovi
Director Governmental Relations and Public Affairs
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The GP JOULE Company:
GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for commercial enterprises, local communities as well as investors in all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY” and driven by the belief that energy supply can be covered 100% by renewable energy, the company develops, plans and realises energy and operation projects for the future-oriented and intelligent use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. In its own R&D division, the company develops cross-sector utilisation and customisation concepts for renewable energies, including Power-to-Gas or municipal heat supply. With the CONNECT business area, GP JOULE is expanding its range with intelligent e-mobility supply and infrastructure solutions as well as its own green energy product which will enable companies to generate their own electricity after the relevant regulation has come into force. GP JOULE operates five sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.