GP JOULE at Intersolar/ees Europe 2017 in Munich

Munich – From 31 May to 2 June 2017 at the Intersolar/ees Europe in Munich, the world’s leading trade show for the solar sector and energy storage, GP JOULE is presenting intelligent solutions for achieving a climate friendly energy cycle including the generation, conversion, distribution and utilisation of renewable energies.

The central eyecatcher at this year’s stand is a hydrogen car at a hydrogen fuel pump. GP JOULE presents solutions along the entire value-added chain from generation to the many ways renewable energies are used in the various sectors.

“Our vision at GP JOULE: 100 percent renewable energies. For us, generating power from renewables is the basis for making the heat, mobility and industry sectors climate friendly, efficient and inexpensive.  GP JOULE offers local communities and companies solutions from a single source”, says managing director and company founder Ove Petersen.

As an experienced international renewable energy generation project planner, GP JOULE is responsible for planning, financing, authorisation and construction as well as also carrying out the commercial and technical management of renewable energy facilities. At the trade show, GP JOULE is showing its tracking system for open-space PV projects which can be used for optimising yield worldwide. The unique GP JOULE Phlegon Mover single axis tracker ensures optimum alignment towards the sun at every time of day, thereby increasing yield by up to 25% without notably increasing costs.

At the trade fair, GP JOULE is demonstrating how to powerfully and efficiently convert renewably generated power to hydrogen using a unique exhibit: the company’s own megawatt class hydrogen PEM electrolyser. This energy carrier can be used to conquer new markets such as heat, mobility and industry through its wide range of possible uses and demand for “green hydrogen”. With a hydrogen fuel pump and a hydrogen car, GP JOULE is presenting its solutions for smart sector coupling using zero emission hydrogen mobility as an example. 

Wherever electric mobility reaches its limits with regard to range, green hydrogen will be indispensable for the energy turnaround in the mobility sector: Fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen can already transport heavy loads over distances of up to 800 kilometres. This makes hydrogen drive an inexpensive and climate neutral alternative above all for public transportation and heavy-duty transportation. 

With regard to E-mobility, GP JOULE is presenting its CONNECT E-fleet models and the specially developed infrastructure consisting of charging stations as well as an intelligent charge management system as the technical backbone of E-fleets.

For companies and municipal suppliers who wish to change their fleet over to climate friendly E-mobility, GP JOULE offers tailor-made mobility concepts dealing with all aspects of user administration, physical load capacity management including planning, financing, realisation and administration all from a single source.

At Intersolar/ees Europe 2017, trade show visitors can see with their own eyes, how GP JOULE is shaping the energy cycle of the future from renewable energies: 

At stand 340 in hall B1.


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The GP JOULE Company:
GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for commercial enterprises, local communities as well as investors in all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY” and driven by the belief that energy supply can be covered 100% by renewable energy, the company develops, plans and realises energy and operation projects for the future-oriented and intelligent use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. In its own R&D division, the company develops cross-sector utilisation and customisation concepts for renewable energies, including Power-to-Gas or municipal heat supply.

With the CONNECT business area launched in 2016, GP JOULE is expanding its range with intelligent e-mobility supply and infrastructure solutions as well as its own green energy product which will enable companies to generate their own electricity after the relevant regulation has come into force.

GP JOULE operates five sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.