GP JOULE at the Windsurf Grand Slam 2016

GP JOULE launches CONNECT at the Windsurf Grand Slam 2016: Make use of the power of the sun and wind - like surf legend Robby Naish!

Westerland/Reußenköge, 28. September, 2016 – From 30 September to 9 October the “Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt” will be hosting the world’s best windsurfers in Westerland on the island of Sylt. As a North Frisian company which uses wind and sun as a source of energy, GP JOULE couldn’t miss this year’s world cup and is an official partner, too. In order to show how the power of wind and sun can not only get us moving on the water, but in our everyday lives as well, the company is launching its new CONNECT business area at the world cup using an overseas shipping container specially designed and converted for the purpose on the World Cup promenade. That’s where world cup visitors can also meet windsurf legend and GP JOULE testimonial Robby Naish on 1 October between 3 and 5 pm as well as on 2 October from 12 am - 1 pm and from 3 to 4 pm.

GP JOULE founder and managing director Ove Petersen emphasises: “Windsurfing depends on the sun and wind and is a great passion for many people. Both also applies to our ideals and products. With our new CONNECT business area, we are demonstrating that renewable energies can do a lot more than simply supply electricity for the classic power socket, but also link up electricity and mobility using 100 percent clean energy“.

GP JOULE CONNECT offers commercial enterprises, companies or local communities attractively priced electricity tariffs for 100 percent renewable energy. GP JOULE considers the area of mobility to be very important and is therefore using CONNECT to establish the necessary charging infrastructure in the form of charging stations and wallboxes for home or office use. In this way GP JOULE smartly and easily solves the classic “chicken or egg problem” of electric mobility. But you won’t only be able to see for yourself how renewable power drives cars, but also the new GP JOULE e-bikes will be on display in the showroom. On Sylt, holiday makers and islanders can also rent the 100 percent solar-powered e-bikes at the Sylt Tourism Service and experience the power of wind and sun for themselves and have loads of fun in the process. 

Another highlight in the showroom on the promenade will be when the winners of the big GP JOULE USA competition will be drawn on 9 October. Until then you can still take part in the competition in the GP JOULE showroom. The main prize of the competition is a trip to the USA for two people to the Paraiso wine region (California) followed by a trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui to visit the estate of the multiple windsurf world champion Robby Naish. GP JOULE also successively plans, builds and operates intelligent energy concepts in the US. For example the Paraiso Vineyards solar park near San Fransisco supplies an entire vineyard with clean energy. Apart from the main prize GP JOULE will be drawing other prizes as well. The second prize is a GP JOULE e-mountainbike GP e925mi, the third prize is a Naish iSUP board and a collection of Paraiso wines are the fourth to sixth prizes. 

You will find the GP JOULE showroom at the “Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt” located between the stands of Pro7 and Gosch.

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The GP JOULE Company:
GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and authentic partner for all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY", the company has developed, planned and realised projects for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage since 2009. Based on a sense of respect and responsibility for mankind and the environment, GP Joule develops intelligent energy concepts and integrated solutions, thereby ensuring that the power turnaround becomes a genuine energy turnaround. The guiding principles of company founders and agricultural engineers Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality as well as the aim to contribute to 100% of energy consumption being drawn from renewable sources in the future. GP JOULE is thus able to offer investors a highly promising and profitable investment option. GP JOULE operates four sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.