GP JOULE explores options for short-term implementation of the mobility and energy turnaround for local authorities and businesses

Reußenköge/Essen – GP JOULE presents a smart, 100 per cent combination of E/E production with mobility – also incorporating heat and industrial processes. This creates flexibility on the consumption side, which in turn helps accelerate the energy turnaround. Visitors to Eworld 2018 in Essen from 5 to 8 February will be able to get a taste of green, cross-sector mobility: with a focus on e-mobility, GP JOULE CONNECT presents its solutions for local authorities and businesses to make a simple, cost-efficient changeover; the company is also able to report that all charging points on the Hamburg power grid have been integrated its CONNECT charging network. Another equally interesting path is being pursued by a combined model project run by GP JOULE in North Frisia that uses hydrogen-based mobility in public transportation based on sector cross-linkage.

"There's an extremely urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation sector – the figure increased by another four million tons in Germany in 2016. Municipal authorities are also called upon to observe air pollution control limits, i.e. the levels of nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter. They ought to set an example by changing over to environment-friendly and climate-friendly forms of power. By doing this, they not only comply with statutory requirements in terms of environmental and health protection, they also boost value creation in the region – with local residents and businesses benefiting directly as a result," says Ove Petersen, co-founder and managing director of GP JOULE, explaining the relevance of switching to mobility powered by electricity and hydrogen.

The changeover to e-mobility calls for individual solutions – whether on business premises or at user households:

GP JOULE CONNECT provides modular and intelligent e-mobility solutions – for local authorities, in the tourism and catering trade, in the housing and property sector, and for industry and service providers.

The company is pursuing a 360-degree approach, offering electrically powered fleets, rental systems for e-cars and ebikes, electrified parking spaces, smart public charging stations and even holistic mobility concepts.

An e-mobility analysis provides the basis for an effective individualised mobility concept. At Eworld 2018, GP JOULE CONNECT will especially be featuring its new efleet solution – available all over Germany from April 2018 onwards. This comprehensive solution including hardware, software and services provides excellent user convenience and optimised energy costs as well as a high level of automation in the terms of administration and accounting. By integrating in-house power generation and large-scale consumers, an optional system of load and energy management creates additional opportunities for digital sector cross-linkage, thereby providing investment security and prospects for expansion. GP JOULE has been putting its own e-fleet solution to the test for several years now.

It currently comprises nearly 40 electrically powered cars and 60 charging points at the company's sites as well as at employees' homes. This has saved some 55,000 litres of diesel per year, as well as reducing internal CO2 emissions by 145 tons. A charge card and app are used to ensure implementation of e-mobility in businesses and local authorities. GP JOULE CONNECT is linked to the European intercharge network, for example, and as of March 2018 it expects to hook up to the Hamburg power grid system, which currently comprises some 500 charging points. This will also enable employees to use more than 5,500 additional charging stations all over Germany using the CONNECT charge card. Their charging operations are automatically logged and processed as travel expenses via the cloud-based admin system.

Hydrogen offers a parallel path to emissions-free urban traffic:

Since hydrogen can be renewably produced independently of consumption – thereby providing the greatest system benefit for grids and for renewable production – this technology offers an additional path to green mobility, especially when based on sector cross-linkage. GP JOULE will be launching its joint hydrogen mobility project in North Frisia in 2018. "Decentralised PEM electrolysers convert wind power to hydrogen and this is then placed in temporary storage. The heat generated in this process is fed into local heating grids, thereby contributing to the heat turnaround," explains Ove Petersen. "The project provides its own H2 filling stations which will initially be used by two fuel cell buses operating as part of the local transportation system, thereby helping to launch emissions-free city traffic." Bus mobility as part of the local transportation system is just the first market for this joint power generation of the compressed gas: as time goes on, rail, shipping and freight traffic can benefit, too.

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Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY" and driven by the belief that 100% renewable energy is a feasible option, GP JOULE has shown itself to be an innovative and universal partner to businesses, local authorities and investors ever since it was founded in 2009. At sites in Germany and North America, a workforce of more than 200 develops energy and operating concepts for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage systems. GP JOULE has already made sector cross-linkage possible with its solutions in areas such as power-to-gas technology, municipal heat supply and electric mobility. GP JOULE CONNECT offers a 360-degree approach for this purpose that is built around its core products – power and charging infrastructure.