GP JOULE @ Hannover Messe: Power-to-gas LIVE

"TRUST YOUR ENERGY": with this slogan, GP JOULE presents smart solutions at HANNOVER MESSE which put the energy policy turnaround into practice. This year's highlight: a PEM electrolysis stack ready for serial production will be on show - the first ever live demonstration of power-to-gas technology at a trade show. One solution for which this stack is already used is the "power gap filler". This enables excess power to be converted into hydrogen, stored and fed back into the grid as required.

GP JOULE, the specialist for planning, construction, operation and intelligent system integration of renewable energies, presents a brand relaunch at this year's Hannover Messe - particularly featuring a model of PEM electrolysis technology that is ready for serial production. This system combines hydrogen electrolysis and biogas technology to balance peak loads and supply gaps in the power grid - solving one of the biggest problems confronting the energy policy turnaround in Germany. And what is most important: GP JOULE's PEM electrolysis stack is ready for serial production.

Smart solutions such as this will make power-to-gas a key technology in making the energy policy turnaround work in practice. This is because in the long term, power-to-gas can be used across sectors to tap into new markets - not just the power market but also the heat market, industrial applications and the mobility sector, e.g. for hydrogen-powered vehicles. It is also ideal for making intelligent use of surplus wind energy, for example - and therefore represents a major step from simply a power turnaround to a genuine energy turnaround.  

The first phase of the "power gap filler" pilot project will go into operation at GP JOULE's headquarters in Reußenköge at the end of April 2015 (official designation: 200 kW H2 Biogas Project). It shows how hydrogen gained from excess renewable energy can be temporarily stored and then re-converted together with biogas in a combined heat and power plant and fed into the power grid. The overall efficiency rate in terms of power and heat utilisation is up to 95%. This initial phase has an output of 20 kW – i.e. one tenth of the total output on completion.

GP JOULE will be providing information on its other projects at booth H31 in hall 27 at Hannover Messe from April 13th - 17th 2015.  The company will also be presenting its new brand design for the first time. The brand relaunch "New energies, new look" aims to give the company's expertise in the area of renewable energies greater visual emphasis in future. Its motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY" stands for the reliability and high level of solution expertise that GP JOULE's customers and partners can continue to depend on.

Attractions at GP JOULE's trade fair stand include a model providing a first-hand demonstration of how hydrogen is produced by means of electrolysis. In addition, there will be a prize draw on each day of the trade fair for a miniature "power-to-gas-to-power" system with an output of one watt and a "power-to-gas mobility" system (hydrogen-powered car).

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