Heating ecologically in Asbach-Bäumenheim: Local council decides to build heating network

Asbach-Bäumenheim, 6 April 2020

Groundbreaking for an ecological future: The construction of a climate-friendly heating network in Asbach-Bäumenheim is to start this year. The independent environmental institute Bifa assessed the framework conditions to be very positive following an analysis, and the municipal council gave the green light for the groundbreaking project. The concept is designed to supply heat to municipal and private buildings using renewable energy sources along the Hauptstrasse and Raiffeisenstrasse. A modular addition of heating systems is also planned in order to be able to connect further interested parties to the heating network at a later date.

All points approved

BM Martin Paninka and the managing director of AB Ökoenergie GmbH, Johanna Siebold, were very pleased with the decision. The Bifa analysis results presented at the municipal council meeting showed that the overall concept was completely coherent. The quantities of heat which are forecast predict economically positive results in the long term. Heat prices will be in the usual range and will be competitive compared to current fossil fuel prices - especially against the background of the CO2 tax which will be due from 2021 and will increase significantly by 2025.

Now it’s up to the residents

Paninka pointed out that this ecological heat infrastructure represents a first important step for the future of the community. For further planning, the interest in a connection to the heating network is currently being investigated among residents in the construction area. At the same time as the extension of the main road in the centre of the town, the ground-breaking ceremony is planned for the middle of this year. Asbach-Bäumenheim is working on the project with the renewable energy expert GP JOULE, Buttenwiesen. The municipality and GP JOULE founded AB Ökoenergie GmbH to market and operate the sustainably produced heat.

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