"Climate-neutral travel to the trade fair and back"

Reußenköge/Husum – At the New Energy trade fair in Husum, two members of the Schleswig-Holstein government had the opportunity to experience climate-friendly power and future technologies for themselves on an information-gathering trip in a fuel-cell bus, namely Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment ,Technology and Tourism, and Tobias Goldschmidt, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment, Nature and Digitalization.

Under the motto "Climate-neutral travel to the trade fair and back", GP JOULE is collaborating with the renewable energy sector association watt_2.0 to demonstrate one of the ways in which green hydrogen can be used, namely to power a fuel-cell bus. Information and test trips are available to all interested trade fair visitors on every day of the fair.

On his journey by fuel-cell bus between the trade fair centre and the port of Husum, Dr. Bernd Buchholz especially emphasised the importance of hydrogen technology 'made in Germany' to the region: "Green hydrogen is highly versatile as a technology and will be an important component of the transportation turnaround in the north. Schleswig-Holstein is setting an example of how regional value creation be combined with innovative technology, at the same time creating jobs and turning a future technology into an exportable commodity."

Tobias Goldschmidt travelled on the fuel-cell bus to visit Wind Test Centre North in Südermarsch near Husum. This is a testing ground for wind power plants owned by municipal authorities in Germany. GP JOULE has also been using this facility since 2016 to test the Nordex wind power plants used in the production of hydrogen. After his visit, Secretary of State Goldschmidt said: "If wind power can be used to produce hydrogen, we can succeed in taking the energy turnaround to all areas of the transportation sector. The use of green hydrogen from wind power opens the door to the decarbonisation of local public transport. With buses, ferries, ships and rail traffic running on green hydrogen, we will also have cleaner air – pollutant emissions from diesel engines will then be a thing of the past."

Green hydrogen can already be produced at increasingly low cost from renewable electric power generated in the region and then used in fuel-cell cars, shipping, rail traffic and buses for local public transportation. GP JOULE also sees a unique opportunity for Schleswig-Holstein here: after all, the technologies and solutions that are already in demand worldwide are developed and brought to the market by numerous committed enterprises here in the north. Co-founder and managing director Ove Petersen agrees: "By committing ourselves fully to this technology up here in the north in particular, we can reduce CO2 emissions in all areas of the transportation sector. For example, we can also generate additional earnings to finance wind power stations whose funding under German renewable energies legislation is due to expire soon. In this way we can make it easier for regionally generated wind power to become fully integrated in the market, too."

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Ms. Friedrich and Mr. Bovi will be more than happy to meet for talks at New Energy. Meetings can be arranged in advance by e-mail or telephone.

Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY" and driven by the belief that 100% renewable energy is a feasible option, GP JOULE has shown itself to be an innovative and universal partner to businesses, local authorities and investors ever since it was founded in 2009. At sites in Germany and North America, a workforce of more than 200 develops energy and operating concepts for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage systems. GP JOULE has already made sector cross-linkage possible with its solutions in areas such as power-to-gas technology, municipal heat supply and electric mobility. GP JOULE CONNECT offers a 360-degree approach for this purpose that is built around its core products – power and charging infrastructure.