On the way to 100% renewable energies

Wietow/Reußenköge, July 9, 2014  GP JOULE, the successful project planners of power plants and driving force behind 100% renewable energies, received the SolarSuperStatePrize in the solar center of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Wietow. With an installed PV capacity of some 450 Watt per capita Germany is among the five nations which are well on the way to 100 percent renewable energies. Germany is ranked number one in photovoltaics before Liechtenstein and Italy.

The Swiss non-governmental organization SolarSuperState every year awards states for their commitment in the sector of regenerative energies. The organisation determines the installed capacity per capita in the sectors of wind and photovoltaics. EU-wide, Germany is ranked number six of the wind sector and number one of the PV sector. GP JOULE received the award in the category ‚Solar‘ and was recognized for its notable commitment in implementing the energy turnaround: GP JOULE has not only built open space photovoltaic parks with a capacity of 434 MW, but is also committed to system integration - e.g. by developing innovative storage technologies. „Our vision is to be able to cover 80 percent of our electricity requirements with energy made of renewable sources within the next 5 years and to have completely implemented the energy turnaround within ten years,“ said Heinrich Gärtner, founder and managing director of GP JOULE. „For that purpose we, on the one hand, need storage technologies in order to guarantee a continuous energy supply in view of an increase of volatile energies such as solar and wind power. On the other hand we also need the appropriate political framework in order to ensure 100% renewable energies.“

It includes for example a change of the energy market. To achieve the European climate protection targets, CO2 intensive coal-fired power plants should be banned from the German power plant fleet and the expansion of renewable energies should be developed further. In addition, energy efficiency has to be promoted: „For this purpose we need market incentives.“ An important measure could for instance be to introduce the active house and passive house standards as binding new construction standards for residential and other buildings. Thus, we can also achieve much better progress in the heating sector as with the current standards for new buildings. That way, the photovoltaic installation can be pushed irrespectively of the EEG.

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The company:

Simpy energy – according to this slogan GP JOULE develops, engineers and implements projects for the promising utilization of renewable energies. Co-founders and agricultural engineers, Ove Petersen and Heiner Gärtner together with André Hirsch, diploma in business administration,  aim to combine the interests of land use and profitability in order to create exciting and profitable opportunities for investors. Besides the business fields of solar, wind and biomass energy, with their future strategies division they have established a knowledge pool that integrates the know-how of all their specialist departments and allows them to create comprehensive energy solutions. At the same time they are focusing on the research of new technologies. GP JOULE has got four locations in Germany and four international locations in France, Italy, the USA and Canada. The headquarters is in Reußenköge in Northern Germany.