Pioneering work in France

In place at the right time: a few years ago France also discovered solar energy for itself and GP JOULE knows how to apply its technological head start there. For example, in 2012 the energy experts from Germany, who now have their own offices in France, managed to increase output by a whopping 40 MW.

One of the most important milestones in this context was the commissioning of Pompogne Solar Park in Aquitaine in early summer of 2013. Covering 75 hectares, it generates enough energy for about 11,000 households today.

In fact, it consists of four separate areas – in Pompogne, Barbaste and Fargues – which have been brought together to create one large solar park. Four power lines conduct the electricity to a central transformer station.

The 11 subareas of the Aquitaine and Biscaya Solar Parks are nearly completed; together they will generate 108 MW. Construction began in April 2014. The last subarea of the parks is connected to the grid since December 2014.