Refined power generation from solar electricity – anywhere, any time

Munich, 21 June 2016 – it is available in unlimited quantities, free and totally climate-friendly. Power from solar energy. However, it takes more to achieve a true energy turnaround. The power of the sun also has to be harnessed for the heat and mobility market. At Intersolar 2016, GP JOULE is showing how this power generation refinement can be achieved.  

Unused power from renewable energies is converted into hydrogen and stored with virtually no losses using PEM electrolysis. The hydrogen can then be converted back to electricity as required, utilised as a green fuel for hydrogen cars, used in industry as a fuel or as a production material. Naturally this also applies to the heat generated in the conversion process which can be utilised using the existing heat infrastructure thereby making fossil energy sources superfluous. 

“Our innovative power-to-gas technology is proof of this: ensuring our energy supply with 100 percent renewable energies must no longer remain only a vision.”, says GP JOULE founder and managing director Ove Petersen. In this context he forthrightly criticises the current politics in Berlin: ““The ‘additional load activation model’, suggested by the state of Schleswig-Holstein, could boost investment and innovations enormously – however, only if it was defined as an application open to all technologies in the EEG 2016 (EEG = German Renewable Energies Act)”. He continues: “instead the cabinet draft is limited to application in existing CHP systems. This completely devalues the concept, and the path from electricity turnaround to energy turnaround is blocked”, says Petersen.

With its new business area CONNECT, GP JOULE now also offers the opportunity of combining the benefits of consistent sector coupling of electricity, mobility and heat. Industry and commercial enterprises or local communities can thus profit from attractively priced electricity and implement suitable infrastructure solutions in the areas of mobility and storage. These individual solutions make it possible to market renewable energy regionally, directly and intelligently. For example for electric vehicles which are charged with climate-friendly CONNECT electricity – and not only in front of your own doorstep. The charging stations developed precisely for this purpose are also on display at the trade fair stand. In this way the entire energy value chain from production, distribution to usage remains under one roof. 

The centrepiece of the exhibition area at Intersolar 2016: the interactive model of a full-scale energy cycle – naturally powered by 100 percent renewable energy. In a hands-on fashion using state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Technology, GP JOULE is demonstrating what the energy world of tomorrow can look like: another highlight at the trade fair stand is the GP JOULE Phlegon Mover. The intelligent tracking frame for greenfield photovoltaic systems follows the course of the sun and ensures optimal alignment of the PV modules. 25 percent higher yield is guaranteed. 

GP JOULE at Intersolar Munich, hall B1, stand 440
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The GP JOULE Company:
GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and authentic partner for all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY", the company has developed, planned and realised projects for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage since 2009. Based on a sense of respect and responsibility for mankind and the environment, GP Joule develops intelligent energy concepts and integrated solutions, thereby ensuring that the power turnaround becomes a genuine energy turnaround. The guiding principles of company founders and agricultural engineers Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality as well as the aim to contribute to 100% of energy consumption being drawn from renewable sources in the future. GP JOULE is thus able to offer investors a highly promising and profitable investment option. GP JOULE operates four sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.