Roads to success to achieve a regional energy transition

Reußenköge, Husum - At this year's New Energy, GP JOULE will provide information as part of the watt_2.0 industry get-together - the central trade fair platform from 15 to 18 March 2018 - on simple, sustainable and economic methods of regional generation, storage, distribution and use of renewable energies. Small to medium-sized municipalities and companies, in particular, will learn why and how they should rethink mobility, supply heat in a decentralised way and market electricity municipally. In the outdoor area of the Husum trade fair, visitors can also experience the climate-friendly use of hydrogen in public and heavy-duty transport live: In addition to fuel cell cars, a fuel cell bus, a mobile hydrogen filling station and a fuel cell train will be ready to be touched or ridden in.

"The energy transition can only happen 'from below' and on location. That's why the municipalities are strongly called upon. Here is also the opportunity for municipalities with under 10,000 inhabitants for regional or local value creation. Whoever implements integrated renewable energy solutions strengthens their own location", explains co-founder and managing director of GP JOULE, Ove Petersen, who is also chairperson of the board of the industry association watt_2.0 e.V. "The advantages include economically competitive heat generation, heating prices that are stable in the long term, flexibility, sector linking - particularly in the direction of emission-free transport or mobility -, independence of supply and therefore prevention of tonnes of CO2 emissions." GP JOULE recommends itself at New Energy as a pioneer and companion on a par with companies and municipalities - from the creation of tailor-made energy and mobility concepts, to project planning, financing, construction and operational management of supply facilities, to the marketing of the municipally generated energy.

GP JOULE and the municipality of Bosbüll are beginning a project - municipal solutions extend from regenerative heating networks to innovative PPP:

On the occasion of New Energy 2018, GP JOULE and the Schleswig-Holstein municipality of Bosbüll provide information for the first time on their project cooperation for a total system of climate-neutral heat infrastructure: First, a feasibility study according to the "Heating networks 4.0" funding programme of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control is planned. The implementation is to begin directly afterwards, so that the renewable energies generated on location and primarily surplus wind power here can be better used for self-sufficiency. Reflections on energy storage, the linking with the transport sector and electricity market usefulness also play a role here. "Bosbüll will thereby become one of our reference projects, which we're really pleased about. The long-term cooperation that we can offer municipalities is an innovative public-private partnership with joint establishment of a regenerative municipal utility", explains Petersen. In addition to Buttenwiesen in Bavaria, where GP JOULE is also located, Mertingen, with around 4,000 inhabitants, has also already decided on this and founded Protherm Mertingen with GP JOULE. The long-term financing of the project over 30 years already ensures positive efficiency with favourable conditions for the citizens at the same time. In total, around six kilometres of a heating network will be developed. A biowaste digestion plant, which is fed intelligently with the production waste of a local large dairy, meets the heat requirement of the mostly private customers.

360-degree concepts for e-mobility by GP JOULE CONNECT quickly make municipalities regional climate-protection pioneers:

The municipality of Mertingen is now successfully linked with the transport sector and has begun e-mobility with GP JOULE CONNECT. The establishment of public e-charging infrastructure was part of the first step. 

At New Energy in Husum, CONNECT explains its modular, intelligent e-mobility solutions to municipalities and companies as well as citizens. "Municipalities and companies alike are interested in digitally networked comprehensive solutions and wish to offer these via sharing, booking or management systems. The challenge is being able to depict the various needs and e-vehicles in one tool", comments Petersen. The combination of charging infrastructure, e-bikes and e-cars - whether as an e-fleet or a rental system - is also offered by CONNECT with complementary products of the renewable energies such as PV roof systems, regional green electricity and storage options. The topic of financing is presented in every form and provides the customer with great variability. Municipalities can count on eligible charging infrastructure (VDE certified) as well as service and maintenance on location.

GP JOULE is focussing on green hydrogen in transport:

Where electromobility reaches its limits regarding reach, green hydrogen becomes indispensable, and an affordable and climate-neutral alternative in local public transport and heavy-duty transport, above all. Visitors can learn how exactly this works at New Energy: A fuel cell train and bus invite visitors to take a ride between the trade fair and Husum station, and the mobile hydrogen trailer shows how refuelling takes place. GP JOULE has already been driving forward innovative approaches for several years that combine electricity generation from biogas, wind or PV facilities with the conversion to hydrogen through electrolysis - and the accompanying storage - as well as with the linking with the transport, heat or industry sectors. An example is the North Frisian hydrogen mobility project in combination, which is to begin in 2018. Fuel cell buses will then travel on a regular basis between Husum and the Danish border. The project's own H2 filling stations are being created for this, which, in turn, receive the fuel by transport carriages from several decentralised PEM electrolysers of the GP JOULE subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS installed at wind farms. The heat generated in the conversion from wind power is fed into the regional heating network.

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You can learn more about the solutions of GP JOULE and CONNECT at the joint stand of the watt_2.0 member companies, in the show container on the exhibition grounds of New Energy Husum and at the central stop for the hydrogen bus.


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With the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY" and driven by the conviction that 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE has proven itself as an innovative and universal partner for companies, municipalities and investors since it was founded in 2009. At locations in Germany and North America, over 200 employees design and implement energy and operating concepts for the promising use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage. Sector linking is already possible today with GP JOULE, ensured by solutions in power-to-gas technology, municipal heat supply and electromobility, for example. For this purpose, CONNECT combines a 360-degree offer for the core products electricity and charging infrastructure.