Solar technology for daily and flexible use: How to generate energy by growing tomatoes and how hydrogen can clear the path into the grid

Paris, October 1, 2013  Solar panels on the greenhouse roof? On the one hand it is natural as greenhouses are definitely places with a concentration of light and heat. On the other hand we have to ask how the sunlight shall get through to the plants, if solar panels on the roof absorb it.

The energy pioneer GP JOULE shows the way. The German project planners of power plants have developed a technology through their subsidiary CULTIVECO that offers triple earnings potential to the operators: The GRAMMA Effective PV greenhouse combines the cultivation of fruit or vegetables, the generation of solar energy and the use of waste heat from biogas. A smart integration of the photovoltaic modules and the arrangement of the plant rows crosswise instead of lengthwise ensure an ideal incidence of light. The generated solar energy covers a large part of the energy requirements of the connected biogas power plant the waste heat of which guarantees a stable climate for growth in the greenhouse.

GP JOULE's enthusiasm for innovative system solutions stands to reason: The North German company specializes in project planning of ground-mounted plants of the MW category and helps its customers at all stages of project management of power plants: from planning and financing to commercial and technical management. This experience leads GP JOULE to the following question: How can we integrate already now a power supply into the everyday environment using 100% renewable sources?

Pressing issues, feasible solutions:
The CULTIVECO greenhouse is only one of several new solar technologies which GP JOULE will show at the 28th EU PVSEC in Paris from October 1 to 3, 2013. “Photovoltaic is still far from having reached its full potential”, said Ove Petersen, one of the two managing directors and company founders of the German company specialising in developing and implementing solutions related to renewable energies. “Two of the main topics at this year’s fair are the following: What can we do to make photovoltaic even more cost-effective? And which are the solutions for the feed-in? Both are issues our company has dealt with for years and for which we have developed absolutely feasible solutions in the meantime.”

In Paris, GP JOULE will also show solar solutions for commercial and industrial operations, sports facilities, municipal facilities or multi-family buildings – e.g. the solar carport: “It is a flexible solar power plant  that can be installed on the carport”, explains Petersen. “When the sun shines, the operators can generate their own electricity and thus reduce their electricity costs significantly.”

You will find GP JOULE from October 1 to 3, 2013 at EUPVSEC in hall 1, booth 1/B7.

Reußenköge, Schleswig-Holstein
October 2013                                    

The company:
Simply energy – according to this slogan GP JOULE develops, engineers and implements projects for the promising utilization of renewable energies. Co-founders and agricultural engineers, Ove Petersen and Heiner Gärtner together with André Hirsch, diploma in business administration,  aim to combine the interests of land use and profitability in order to create exciting and profitable opportunities for investors. Besides the business fields of solar, wind and biomass energy, with their future strategies division they have established a knowledge pool that integrates the know-how of all their specialist departments and allows them to create comprehensive energy solutions. At the same time they are focusing on the research of new technologies. GP JOULE has got four locations in Germany and two international locations in the USA and Canada. The headquarters is in Reußenköge in Northern Germany.

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