"The European Parliament has understood: PV microgenerators are the key to a citizen-friendly energy transition.
Now it is up to the German Government and the Standardisation Committees to codify explicitly the socket injection.

The European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy agreed on a motion for a resolution on micro generation – small scale electricity and heat generation on Monday which will be voted in September in the European Parliament. At the same time the Committee asks the EU Commission to develop guidelines facilitating the connection with the grid of small PV generators in the member states.

We from GP JOULE appreciate this initiative very much. The energy experts of the European Parliament have understood that PV micro generators as miniJOULE fit ideally with the European electricity market of the future.
The initiative aims at everyone's participation in the energy transition as a micro producer. Thereby the important project of energy transition in Germany and Europe will be guaranteed and strengthened. The micro generators protect the consumers against a further electricity tariff increase without charging the national economy or the taxpayers. Thus, the energy transition will literally be brought closer to the citizens and the identification with the aims of climate protection of the EU and the German government will be strengthened.
We must be allowed to ask why the initiative from Brussels was necessary to start moving the by now anachronistic rules, standards and laws making difficult up to now the use of PV micro generators as miniJOULE. The German government pointing out proudly that Germany is the European leader in developing renewable energies and climate protection has up to now not cared about a non-discriminating access of PV micro generators to the grid.

At the same time, the EU initiative has to be understood as an invitation to normative institutions as the VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies e. V.) to abandon their opposition against the running of PV micro generators and to elaborate speedily an amendment of the relevant standard in close cooperation with the producers.

The EU has understood the following: A broad debureaucratisation and an approval of micro-generators injecting into in-house grids will thin out the thicket of laws, standards and regulations in this field and will update the system of rules.
Thus, the energy transition can start at home and will not be implemented only by big power plant operators and energy providers. The committee has made a step in the right direction with its proposal: Now we have to wait for the vote in Strasbourg in September. In the meantime the member states should clear the way for a low-cost and efficient "bottom-up" energy transition. This requires, however, clear legal certainty: The injection by micro generators up to 1 kWp into the in-house grid also via socket has to be explicitly allowed."

Full text of the motion for a resolution on Microgeneration – Small Scale electricity and heat generation

Reußenköge, Schleswig-Holstein
July 11, 2013

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