Storage technology for a successful energy turnaround

By 2025, almost half of electric energy in Germany is to come from renewable energies. The great challenge in this respect: Based on the weather the amount of energy generated from renewable sources will vary. The power plant developer GPJOULE and its subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS have therefore developed the “power gap filler” – a pilot project for a combined power-to-gas-to-power plant. Electricity from renewable sources is converted into hydrogen and buffered by the aid of PEM electrolysis. If necessary the hydrogen is again converted into electricity in a block heat and power plant with biogas from a biogas plant and fed into the grid.The overall efficiency of the use of electricity and heat is up to 95%.

Storing energy instead of burning coal:

"On days with little wind and sunshine currently traditional power plants stand in to guarantee the energy supply in Germany", says Ove Petersen, founder and managing director of "GP JOULE. "These power plants are extremely climate-damaging. Especially the rate of lignite has grown significantly during the past few years. From our point of view, the return to the coal era is absolutely unnecessary. Storage technologies as the "power gap filler" are a combination of both – they supply cost-efficient electricity from renewable sources and are climate-friendly. "The project 'power gap filler'" is in the execution phase. Currently, 30 electrolysers are installed in Reußenköge, Schleswig Holstein, one of the locations of the group. The capacity of the whole plant is of 200kW and up to 40 cubic metres of hydrogen production per hour. The project partners are GP JOULE, their subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS and the company North-Tec from Bredstedt.

Project funding for the Megawatt electrolyser:

The pilot project will provide important input for the follow up project: a combined power station consisting of PEM electrolysers at the megawatt level and a biogas-fired block heat and power plant, five times the size of the pilot project. The PEM electrolyser shall be able to absorb and convert into hydrogen an electric capacity of one megawatt. For this purpose, the Federal Ministry for Envorionment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) will grant the amount of up to 2.1 million € research funds from the "Funding Initiative Energy Storage" on the basis of a parliamentary resolution of.

100 percent renewable energy – cost-efficient and climate-friendly:

GP JOULE and its subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS command many years of experience in PEM electrolysis. Two years ago, they presented the first PEM electrolyser ready for serial production. Electric current is converted into hydrogen at an efficiency of up to 75% in a particularly compact and flexible way. In order to ensure a 100% supply of eco electricity GP JOULE  and H-TEC Systems have set themselves ambitious goals for the further development of the technology. "By 2020 we will achieve an annual performance of more than 10 megawatt – herewith 6000 households can be supplied with electric energy," explains Ove Petersen. "It is our aim to reduce the cost for the production of hydrogen to less than 2 cent per kilowatt hour." For the founder of GP JOULE, the storage technology is an important contribution to the success of the energy turnaround. "The development of renewable energies and of energy storage have to go hand in hand. They are the key for a climate-friendly and cost-efficient energy supply which in addition help free us from dependence on electricity imports from foreign countries."

"Power gap filler" at the Hanover Fair:

GP JOULE will be presenting the project together with its subsidiary H-Tec systems at the Hanover Fair, Hall 27 (booth B40) at the joint stand "Hydrogen +Fuel Cells + Batteries".

Graphic material:

CHART "POWER GAP FILLER" – Overview of the functioning
3D VIEW "POWER GAP FILLER" – Model of the "power gap filler"
PHOTO PEM ELECTROLYSER – View of the EL30 by H-TEC Systems

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The company:

Simply energy – according to this slogan GP JOULE develops, engineers and implements projects for the promising utilization of renewable energies. Co-founders and agricultural engineers, Ove Petersen and Heiner Gärtner together with André Hirsch, diploma in business administration,  aim to combine the interests of land use and profitability in order to create exciting and profitable opportunities for investors. Besides the business fields of solar, wind and biomass energy, with their future strategies division they have established a knowledge pool that integrates the know-how of all their specialist departments and allows them to create comprehensive energy solutions. At the same time they are focusing on the research of new technologies. GP JOULE has got four locations in Germany and two international locations in the USA and Canada. The headquarters is in Reußenköge in Northern Germany.