Successful appearance in the Hanseatic city:

With over 33,000 industry professionals, 24 delegations from 22 countries, and around 1,250 exhibitors, WindEnergy in Hamburg exceeded all expectations. Of course, GP JOULE also participated in the first wind energy expo to be held in the Hanseatic city and showed off more of its strengths with a modern booth.

In addition to activities in the wind energy sector, the power gap filler from GP JOULE and its subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS took center stage. The biogas combined heat and power plant uses an electrolyzer to convert wind power into hydrogen for applications in the heating sector, industry, and mobility—or, if need be, the hydrogen can be converted back to power. When devising the power gap filler, GP JOULE drew on its extensive experience as a project engineer for megawatt-class wind farms and a developer of electrolyzers. The two companies have set ambitious goals for the further development of storage technology: “We intend to increase our annual production to over 10 megawatts of capacity by 2020—the hydrogen produced will tap new renewable energy markets such as mobility, heat supply, and the conversion of hydrogen back into power,” explains GP JOULE founder Ove Petersen. “The goal is to reduce the costs of producing hydrogen to under two cents per kilowatt hour.”

Booth is given a new look:

The redesigned expo booth with its bright, airy atmosphere attracted numerous visitors and provided the perfect base in Hamburg. The separate sitting areas went over particularly well. They gave the expo team plenty of quiet spaces where they could focus on talking to potential and existing business partners.
Visitors also delighted in the tasty snacks distributed at the booth by the smiling GP JOULE expo team: The authentic Northern German “shrimp on a bun” specialty was sent from the windy city of Husum as a greeting to the city of Hamburg.

Expo event featuring a special guest star:

The event organized by GP JOULE on the second-last evening turned out to be a special highlight at the expo. In KAI10—The Floating Experience, employees, customers, and partners gathered together to welcome the surprise guest: Surf legend Robby Naish was introduced as the new brand ambassador for GP JOULE. “Robby Naish is a man who believes in the compatibility of nature and technology, who strives for quality and perfection, and whose business is committed to achieving success with natural energy,” commented Ove Petersen, CEO of GP JOULE, as he explained the background to the partnership.

All in all: A successful appearance at the expo in Hamburg!

Overall, GP JOULE's expo team was very satisfied with the event, as Ove Petersen confirmed: “We had many very constructive conversations with industry professionals and made plenty of new valuable contacts here in Hamburg.”