The energy turnaround has to be European

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Reußenköge, July 16th Schleswig-Holstein and the Pays de la Loire region in France have maintained a close partnership ever since 1992: today, the president of the region Jacques Auxiette visited GP JOULE with a high-ranking French delegation to find out more from the specialist in renewable energy projects and intelligent storage technology about activities going on in Schleswig-Holstein in the field of renewable energies.

"France is an important partner for us," says Ove Petersen, founder and managing director of GP JOULE. "An energy turnaround won't be possible without our European partners. After all, electric power doesn't stop at national borders - and neither does climate protection." What is more, the country offers reliable framework conditions that allow longer-term planning and project funding through banks. And the south provides a perfect environment for solar parks. Last year alone GP JOULE built eleven open-space solar plants with an output of 108 megawatts (MW) and sold these successfully to investors. GP JOULE will continue to be responsible for running the plants. This means that GP JOULE accounted for around ten per cent of the output in France that was newly installed in 2014.

As far as its operations in France are concerned, GP JOULE is able to rely on good connections and sound partnerships with local players. At the same time, the company is promoting closer dovetailing of the renewable energy sectors in Germany and France - for example through its membership in the German-French Renewable Energy Coordination Office (DFBEE). The company is also able to gain valuable experience in France which it can apply to the German market: by integrating components that are beneficial to the system - such as the power factor correction plant in Pompogne - GP JOULE has gathered experience in providing ancillary services as part of tenders.

The French guests were particularly interested in GP JOULE's so-called "power gap filler", which went into operation as a pilot project in May. This power-to-gas technology uses PEM electrolysis to convert renewable energies into hydrogen, which is then either converted back into electric power or else used in industry, the heat market or the mobility sector. "Storage technologies make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround", says Ove Petersen. "They capture renewable energy surplus and feed the power back into the grid whenever the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. This type of shortfall used to be compensated for by coal-fired power stations - which impact negatively on the climate. What is more, storage technologies are able to support development of the power turnaround into a genuine energy turnaround." As the use of renewable energies is expanded in France, innovative storage technologies are becoming increasingly relevant there, too.

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The company:
GP JOULE is a universal, innovative and authentic partner for all areas of renewable energies. Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY", the company has developed, planned and realised projects for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage since 2009. Based on a sense of respect and responsibility for mankind and the environment, GP Joule develops intelligent energy concepts and integrated solutions, thereby ensuring that the power turnaround becomes a genuine energy turnaround. The guiding principles of company founders and agricultural engineers Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner include authenticity, trust, fair play, innovation and quality as well as the aim to contribute to 100% of energy consumption being drawn from renewable sources in the future. GP JOULE is thus able to offer investors a highly promising and profitable investment option.
GP JOULE operates four sites in northern and southern Germany as well as two international sites in the USA and Canada.

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