The Smarter E 2018 / Intersolar / ees Europe: GP JOULE follows the path of the sun

Reußenköge/Munich – GP JOULE presents its system PHLEGONsolar as one of a range of products at Smarter E Europe (previously Intersolar). The photovoltaic system follows the path of the sun, thereby generating an additional yield of up to 20 per cent at limited extra cost. Another flexible solution is the PEM electrolyser for producing hydrogen, which GP JOULE subsidiary H-TEC SYSTEMS has developed on a megawatt scale. The system responds very quickly to weather-related fluctuations in the supply of green power. The trade show also sees the presentation of a joint hydrogen project for local public transportation, regenerative heat solutions, a smart charging infrastructure for electrically powered vehicles and comprehensive solutions for the changeover to an electric fleet – including free use of two electric vehicles for a period of six months.

At the Smarter E Europe trade fair in Munich, GP JOULE can be found at Stand 340 in the ees Electrical Energy Storage area in Hall B. Here the renewable energy company from North Frisia presents the full spectrum of its solutions covering the entire value creation chain. This ranges from project development through to energy distribution, from the generation of renewable energy and its upgrade using PEM electrolysis through to distribution and consumption in the power sector and beyond. "We are the only player in Germany to pursue such a promising and complex business model based on sectoral cross-linkage, where power-to-gas technology is becoming an increasingly key factor with the production and use of green hydrogen," says co-founder and managing director Ove Petersen.

PV tracking system "PHLEGONsolar" optimises solar yield:

The PHLEGONsolar system (previously known as PHLEGON Mover) makes solar energy economically attractive for northern climate zones, too. This very robust and smart tracking system is suitable for use in regions which are very exposed to wind and snow as well as for remote open-area PV locations where space is limited. The PHLEGONsolar with CE-certified "Made in Germany" quality comprises a single-axis tracking frame that follows the path of the sun, ensuring optimum orientation at all times of the day, as well providing an additional yield of 25 per cent even though the costs are only slightly higher than for a fixed installation. Its tilt range is –45 to +45 degrees with a tracking precision rate of +/– one degree. This prefabricated system does not require levelling work or expensive preventive maintenance plans. The control communication system is via a databus, and it is also possible to use a fibre-glass connection. This can be programmed, monitored and operated remotely via the internet. Weather data can be fed in and incorporated at all times. GP JOULE has successfully implemented projects of more than 35 megawatts (MW) in Europe and North America with the PHLEGON, with another 15 MW in the pipeline.

The electrolyser by H-TEC SYSTEMS allows flexible, low-cost production, long-term storage and versatile use of green hydrogen:

GP JOULE subsidiary HC-TEC SYSTEMS has developed and built a PEM electrolyser for the production of hydrogen on megawatt scale. The PEM technology is able to respond very quickly to sun and wind fluctuations as well as changes in hydrogen demand, which is what makes the electrolyser ideal for upgrading power from renewable energy sources as well as for use in industry. What is more, the PEM electrolyser ME 100/350 achieves a very high level of efficiency of approx. 75 per cent using waste heat. The system acts as a link between the power, heat, transportation and industry sectors, providing a key piece of the puzzle along the way to implementing the energy turnaround. The latter has tended to focus on the power sector along so far. "It's power-to-gas technology that will be able to ensure highly efficient supply of the mobility and heat sector based on smart integration of renewable energies," explains Ove Petersen.

Hydrogen mobility: scalable model for local public transportation in rural areas:

GP JOULE intends to implement a scalable model for smart integration of a decentralised hydrogen infrastructure before the end of this year with its joint hydrogen project for local public transportation in North Frisia. "Prices of up to 30 euro cents per kilowatt hour are currently being charged for hydrogen as a fuel. This is why we're focusing specifically on this market, says Ove Petersen. Funding applications have already been submitted to the state of Schleswig-Holstein. At its trade fair stand, GP JOULE has an exhibit showing how the model works – complete with live production of hydrogen and fuelling of a minibus. 

Operating services for photovoltaic plants:

Whether individual installation or public solar park, whether private or institutional investor – GP JOULE Service offers technical and business operation with a guarantee of efficient, economical management including optimum process reliability and quality. The basic packages include the usual services such as monitoring, maintenance and on-site management, visualisation, coordination, handling and reporting as well as business administration. These can be supplemented with the addition of modular services such as regular inspections, facility care and module cleaning. Responsibility for the plant is taken over while the work is being carried out, and limited partner management is also available.

Innovative regenerative heat solutions for local authorities in rural areas:

GP JOULE creates ready-to-use heat grids, either on its own or with partners such as local authorities, farmers and investors. The challenges mainly lie in achieving an efficient match between power generation and heat demand: the energy mix of the future means an increase in the importance of flexibility markets and operating reserve markets As an experienced partner, GP JOULE offers everything that is critical to success from a single source: the necessary studies and concepts (technological, economic and legal), PR work (from information events to end consumer marketing), project funding (from structure to expenditure reports), technical planning and realisation (from draft planning to EPC), customer management (from acquisition to invoicing) and legal project support (from corporate law to approvals) as well as operations management on the both the technical and business side. Secure, cost-efficient operation of heat grids is inconceivable without constant grid supervision and monitoring. GP JOULE is able to guarantee this with its own control centre. Since 2010 the company has also supported small municipalities in setting up local heat grids, some based on the operating model of a joint public-private partnership. The aim is to plan, fund and realise the use of renewable energies in the heat sector and beyond as simply and as cost-effectively as possible.

Get a first-hand taste of the future with attractive solutions for the changeover to e-mobility:

GP JOULE is expanding its e-mobility business segment with the addition of smart infrastructure facilities and services: as well as a charging solution, it is now offering all new customers who wish to switch their fleet to electric power the opportunity to use two electrically powered vehicles free of charge for a period of six months. GP JOULE CONNECT's electric vehicle offers are aimed at companies operating several electric vehicles or charging stations. The comprehensive solution comprising hardware, software and services provides excellent user convenience and optimised energy costs as well as a high level of automation in terms of administration and accounting. By integrating in-house power generation and large-scale consumers, an optional system of load and energy management creates additional opportunities for digital sector cross-linkage, thereby providing investment security and prospects for expansion.

Drawing on the European network, the GP JOULE CONNECT charging network is growing constantly and currently offers some 7,000 charging stations throughout Germany, including the Hamburg power grid. Access is very simple via CONNECT app or RFID charge card. What is more, anyone who does not have to provide public access to their charging infrastructure can benefit from the new system partnership with the Austrian specialist Kreisel Electric. The latter's award-winning charging stations are part of the CONNECT portfolio.

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Ms. Friedrich and Mr. Bovi look forward to meeting for talks at The Smarter E 2018. Meetings can be arranged in advance by e-mail or telephone.

Under the motto "TRUST YOUR ENERGY" and driven by the belief that 100% renewable energy is a feasible option, GP JOULE has shown itself to be an innovative and universal partner to businesses, local authorities and investors ever since it was founded in 2009. At sites in Germany and North America, a workforce of more than 200 develops energy and operating concepts for the future-oriented use of sun, wind, biomass and energy storage systems. GP JOULE has already made sector cross-linkage possible with its solutions in areas such as power-to-gas technology, municipal heat supply and electric mobility. GP JOULE CONNECT offers a 360-degree approach for this purpose that is built around its core products – power and charging infrastructure.